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My goal is to get stronger to push through to a higher level. Some moves are impossible for me, such as Shoulder Mountain and Iron X. I’m impatient and frustrated I can’t progress that fast, so I push too hard. Keeping injuries at bay is my biggest challenge. I need core & upper body conditioning. Am I strong enough? If you’re asking, you need this program!

PeggyIntermediate poler & Mum of 2, Doenja, Belgium

More than any other person in pole, Sarah is very caring about keeping people safe in their bodies. To all the polers I know, Sarah is leading the way, the head of that movement.

HayleyAdvanced poler & Mum of 2, UK

My biggest challenge is injuries, preventing me from competing and teaching. So frustrating! I spend more on treatment than on my mortgage. I’ve spent a lot of time researching back strength – I see dangers for students and I wish I had known more. OTP is in all my classes now. I trust Sarah more than doctors! More than any other poler, she looks beyond pole to make it clear not just HOW to do, it but WHY the body behaves.

BridiePole studio owner & Mum of 2, UK

Brought to you by Sarah Scott

I am an XPERT Pole Fitness Master Trainer, teaching instructors all over the world. I also teach my own workshops for a variety of levels across the UK and abroad and am so fortunate to meet so many amazing people.

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