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5 Tips for Poling After Lockdown


In these uncertain times… Okay, we’re just kidding, we’ve had enough of that this year.

If you’re lucky enough to be coming out of lockdown today (we’re looking at you UK), you’re probably super excited to be back to your pole studio this week – Or maybe you’re feeling like you’ve lost your pole gains and you’re lacking motivation.

Either way, we want to help you avoid injury and get back to spinning, twirling, and hanging out upside-down.


Don’t freak out, because no, you haven’t. It may feel like it at first (and this leads us into the next section – taking it easy), but your strength will be back quicker than you expected.

In fact, strength doesn’t deplete nearly as quickly as your cardiovascular system. According to studies, it takes 4-6 weeks for strength to start declining, and that’s only if you’ve completely stopped all training. Even after a year-long break from training, studies have shown that lots of the adaptations that your body has made will still be there.

This means extra capillaries you’ve grown to supply your muscles with blood and your increased lung capacity will still be there  – simply put, it’s not a myth that it’ll ‘come back quicker’ than it took to get it in the first place.

Deep breaths. You’ll be your strong self in no time.

Mel sits in a gym holding a dumbell in a bicep curl, wearing a lifestyle bra and leggings in navy
Mel is wearing our Lifestyle Bra and Leggings in Navy


Before you know it you’ll be back in class, over-excited and eager to hit that invert/handspring/jade/hard move that you were working on pre-lockdown.

We wouldn’t hit a drop-split without stretching first (OUCH!), and getting back to training is much the same.

Your body needs time to adapt to the demands pole puts on it. It’s better to start light and build gradually to avoid injury and DOMS (that feeling 2 days later when you can’t walk up stairs? That’s DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness – and DOMS is a b*tch).

And as we mentioned before, you really haven’t lost all of your strength, but your body still needs time to get used to the movements and flexibility again.


Feeling like lockdown has ruined all your progress and you’ve lost motivation?

In our experience, overcoming the hurdle of the first class back is the hardest. After that, it’s only up from here.

Some ways to help you get back into the groove include:

–   Break it down. Just putting your favourite pole set can help you get you heading back to the studio. Start with getting dressed and packing your bag. After doing these simple steps you’ll be more likely to head back to the gym.

– Remind yourself of why you love pole so much. You can find our blogs on goal setting here and also here.

– Be easy on yourself – this year is anything but normal. Adding pressure to get back to pole when there’s so much going on with the world won’t be helpful.

Tarnn is pushing a sled in a gym wearing our Essential Jumpsuit in Burgundy
Tarnn wears our Essential Jumpsuit in Burgundy


This one goes for all the time, not just with restrictions easing. As you head back into the studio or gym, don’t forget about the added demand that exercising places on your body.

It’s important to drink water, fuel your body with enough food, and try your best to get a solid 8 hours sleep.

Most importantly, stay healthy, safe, socially distanced, and look after yourself.


Nothing is more motivating than a new set of confidence-giving, fierce AF pole and gymwear. It’s also a great reward system for achieving your goals, or because it’s a Tuesday and– honestly who really needs an excuse for new activewear?

Our latest releases are this festive Christmas collection that’ll have you in the mood for celebrating the silly season. We’ve also just released this fire print for when you need to feel confident and strong in your pole-armour. We think you deserve a treat for making it to the other side of this lockdown!

2020 might nearly be over (*celebratory dance*) but these tips also apply to any time you’re getting back into your pole groove after some time off. Have fun and enjoy getting back into your pole journey.

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