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Dan Rosen | How to avoid being a Susan PLUS Golden Pole Award nominations!! | Episode #007


Welcome to the episode #7 of the OTP Podcast interview series! This episode is a special one as not only do we have the lovely Dan Rosen on, I’m also announcing the nominations for the first-ever Golden Pole Awards at the end of the interview!

You may know Dan for smashing competitions around the world, his workshops or from his ‘Dear Dan’ IG stories. We delve into how to avoid being a ‘Susan’, his body transformation and other nuggets of goodness.

Really hope you guys enjoy the 7th episode in the podcast series – you can subscribe to our pole podcast on iTunes to keep updated with all the latest episodes and it would mean the world to me if you could leave a review!

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Sarah:                                        Welcome ‘Mother of Susan’s’, Daniel Rosen. Welcome to the podcast. How are you today?

Dan                                             Thanks Sarah Scott, I’m good, how are you?

Sarah:                                        It’s weird when people call me by my full name.

Dan                                             Scotty.

Sarah:                                        Thanks for doing this. This was a very popular request to have you on the podcast. A lot of people have been seeing you around recently talking about Susan’s. So I don’t know if you just want to describe what a Susan is, how Susan came about. A little bit of a background about Susan.

Dan:                                            So basically I’ve always have loved doing my funny, stupid little videos. As you started a long while ago when I basically made stupid like stretch tutorial called The Donut stretch’ which Bendy Kate encouraged me to do. And it got such a funny response, and I love being funny. And that’s what I do at comps and stuff. I just enjoy making jokes and stuff and making people laugh. And then I decided to make these like funny little videos and some about stretching and stuff, and I thought, “Do you know I should do a video about a teacher who’s dealing with some of the most unruly students and like just do a comparison of what we actually say compared to what we want to say.” So I did that and I basically used this fake student called Susan.

I just said, “Susan this or Susan that.” And Susan became a thing. And I was like okay. So now I’ve created Susan and now I’m just doing funny videos about her. I just think it highlights the taboo subject of how students can be in class because every person has an inner Susan. Just some people’s inner Susan comes out worse than others, you know?

Sarah:                                        Give us an example of a Susan type student.

Dan:                                            Susan is the type of person that would walk into a class 10 minutes late on her phone, not apologise and say that she’s warm already because she had the heating on high in the car. That’s Susan. Susan gives zero fucks about anybody. She’ll hog the pole for 10 minutes and won’t care about her friend who’s waiting to have her go. She makes the whole class about her and just an actual nightmare. But the difference between a Susan and like someone who’s just a complete like moron, is that a Susan is a bearable person, like someone who you wouldn’t change them but they’re-

Sarah:                                        A lovable Susan rather than…

Dan:                                            A lovable Susan, yeah! Don’t get me wrong, they do get points for like they’re slightly unbearable, but yeah. That is a Susan. Just someone who … we all do it. We’ve all got some things that we do that are a bit Susan-ish. And now it’s just become … there’s an official word for it. Susan.

Sarah:                                        It’s popping up in a lot of my workshops now. People are like, “Oh, I’m sorry if I’m being a bit of a Susan today.” I was like, it’s actually caught on that people are using it. It’s like a term they can use for themselves. I love it. I think it’s a great term. I think it highlights a lot of the problems instructors have as well. Like, we’re smiling inside sometimes but…

Dan:                                            Yeah, exactly. Like, we want to stab them but we can’t because they pay our bills. It just a really tough position to be in.

Sarah:                                        We love our students; we love our students. And we’ve all, as I’ve said, we’ve all got an inner Susan. I think we can relate to that. Can you remember a time when you’ve been a specific Susan?

Dan:                                            Oh my God! I was the worst Susan. I actually feel really sorry for one of my teachers who use to teach me in the beginning. Well both, actually. Stacy Snedden and Pippa Loveridge because I used to go between the two so I’d be right smack dab in the middle of them both. But I used to be such a show boater, like I still am to a certain extent. Not so much anymore because I’m so much more lazier now. But in class it would be very much like I’d always want to be the first person to try it, I’d always want to be the first person to get it. It was always about me. Just an absolute, complete nightmare. But again, it was one of those things like it was never meant in any way nasty, of course, which is why I had not … I mean, I’ve got about 20, 30 Susan’s at my studio. But I love them all. And you don’t want to change them but it’s just funny little traits that they do, just little things that they do like when we’ve got to do our bad side and they’re doing their good side. I’m like, “Wait, that’s not your bad side!” They’re like, “Damn it! You caught me!” I’m like, “I know which fucking side is your bad side Susan!”

But yeah, it’s just never meant in any harm, I guess.

Sarah:                                        It’s in a light-hearted way. I think people get that. I don’t think anyone has been offended by Susan, have they?

Dan:                                            No, I mean-

Sarah:                                        I mean, real life Susans. If your name was Susan it’s probably going to quite hard for you in pole class now!

Dan:                                            Don’t be offended by it. I actually got a really funny message off of someone in Australia saying, “Oh my God, do you like have beef with Michelle, Shimmy, and Maddie?” I was like, “No! Of course not!” It’s just I needed to create this character and I needed to … I just wanted to show everyone what an amazing Australian accent I can do and-

Sarah:                                        Great accent. You transform!

Dan:                                            Where else could she be from apart from PDA. It’s got to be from PDA isn’t it, cause I always train there. And so, I was like yeah, she’s got to be from PDA. Now I know that Shimmy and Maddie have a great sense of humour so I thought there’d be no offence taken there. So I checked with them first. And then yeah, Susan was born in Australia, went to PDA, now she’s at my school. And she’s a fucking nightmare.

Sarah:                                        If people want to know where to go to find Susan, or the videos of Susan, I’ll link them below. But it’s mostly on your, is it mainly on your Instagram or it’s on Facebook too?

Dan:                                            Everyone keeps saying to me to create like another page for Susan, but you know what? I find it hard now to find the time to make the Susan videos, let alone manage a whole separate Instagram account because that would be managing my Instagram account, my school Instagram account that I’ve got, and then Susan’s. It’s like oh God.

Sarah:                                        I think it’s nice to dabble hers in yours as well. It makes people go to your page and they get to see what other stuff you do as well. I think it’s nice to keep it all in one place.

Dan:                                            I just recently, actually, posted … I’m doing like some camps at my studio and four of them sold out, but like, that never would have happened if that wasn’t for Susan. And genuinely I believe that because at the time, the whole Susan videos were going crazy. So I just had more traffic going to my Instagram and so many people saw this camp was up and, “Oh great! We’re going to like Camp Dan! It sounds amazing!”

Sarah:                                        Learn how not to be a Susan.

Dan:                                            Such a great name for a gay pole dancing camp. Non-gays allowed too.

Sarah:                                        Very inclusive.

Dan:                                            So yeah.

Sarah:                                        What would be your top five things to avoid being a Susan? I know there’s probably hundreds that you could think of, or maybe not because I put you on the spot. Because we haven’t talked about this, like what we’re even going to say.

Dan:                                            So many things like, unnecessary moaning. Like I know it hurts, but life hurts, you know? And then like wiping your hands unnecessarily. Like constantly going … I’ve actually got a new video coming soon on this. Wiping your hands on the pole. That’s just what-

Sarah:                                        Where it makes that squeaky noise that just goes right through you?

Dan:                                            Don’t sweat on the fucking pole. They’re like, “My hands are sweaty.” And then they go and wipe them on the pole. I’m like, “What is that gonna do? That’s just wiping your fucking sweat on the pole Susan!” So there’s that, there’s turning up late to classes all the time, missing warm ups, or chatting through the warm up the whole way through the warm up and you just want to strangle a bitch. Yeah, I mean. I could go on. I could make a list as long as my arm, literally.

Sarah:                                        Well there’s quite a lot of videos that people can see already on ‘Ways to avoid being a Susan on your Instagram, I’ll send the people there. Alongside your Susan videos, you’ve also got Dear Dan, which comes up on your Instagram story, which has been really, really popular. Why did that start? Why did you start doing that?

Dan:                                            I just randomly one day, I put on Instagram I put, “Oh, ask me any questions you want. #DearDan kind of thing. I’m going to start this little thing called Dear Dan.” Thought nothing of it. Thought I’d get a couple and they’d just be fairly funny. And I just took like … I just happened to get a really good few first messages that I was able to make really funny. And so this is like … I can’t remember what the questions were at the time, but it was just like student who … one student was moaning because their teacher was always moaning at them for turning up late or something like this. She couldn’t help it. I was like, “Well, have you ever considered how it actually affects her and the fact that you’re walking halfway in through a class, or whatever?”

“Oh she was talking to her friend!” Or something like this. Like, “Actually, you’re in the wrong.”

Sarah:                                        You’re the problem!

Dan:                                            Yeah!

Sarah:                                        For expecting you to support her and be like yeah! Damn you!

Dan:                                            So that is not what Dear Dan is for! But I do worry that people will read it and not realise that it is a jokey column and actually take my advice. Because if they did, people have been advised to like drown bitches in ponds-

Sarah:                                        There’s a lot of tit punches, as well.

Dan:                                            Yeah. Tit punching is the extreme. So if they’re really at Susan, they do deserve a quick huy yah! Straight to the boob. But on both sides. We train both sides.

Sarah:                                        There’s been some slightly more serious ones in there. You kind of, you do mix and match a little bit. Like some people have come to you with some quite serious stuff, which you have managed to answer, I think, very on the level. You don’t always make it into a joke. But yeah, most of them you are gonna answer with a little bit of like tongue in cheek.

Dan:                                            Like some girls actually do message with real genuine questions and some are like … I had a girl recently message me saying something to do with like … I think she was suffering from depression, or something like that. It could have been both, an eating disorder. It was something really serious, and I was like, “God like, this is bad. She’s messaging me when actually she really needs to be a doctor and like getting help.”

Sarah:                                        That was the first step, though. At least you’re a platform that people can like make that initial first step. Rather get advice from someone that they respect and then go and speak to someone like, it’s like the first rung of the ladder. Like admitting that you need help with something. So doing like an anonymous message on Instagram is going to be far easier than walking into a doctor’s office or making the necessary appointment.

Dan:                                            The only difference in that is that I’m not a qualified doctor.

Sarah:                                        Well no, but at least you could invite them to go seek a professional’s. It’s not like, “Hi Dan! Please diagnose me with my … with this or the other.”

Dan:                                            If someone is like, “Well Dan Rosen told me that I was fine to take these pills.” And like, yeah, no. Some people do actually generally ask me serious questions. Sometimes they’ll ask a serious question and I’ll answer a funny joke, and I’ll post that part. But then my conscious will make me reply to them after I’ve posted that just to say, “By the way, here is the serious-” But some people will be like, “Oh, I just can’t get this new blah, blah.” And I’ll be like, “Well why don’t you just not do that move? Why do you have to be like every other basic Susan who wants to do that stupid move, anyway?” I’ll answer like that and then I’ll message back and be like, “Listen, if you really want it that badly, here are some tips for it.”

So sometimes people actually see my response, and be like, “Guys, he’s so mean!” But actually, I always message back with something nice afterwards. Especially if I’ve been overly mean. I’ll message back and be like, “Jokes, just kidding! Love you!”

Sarah:                                        But screenshot and post the horrible one, yeah! Don’t let people really see that you’re kind, only rig them to think the worst.

Dan:                                            Yeah I don’t want people to think I have a heart, or anything, you know?

Sarah:                                        In fact, we should just stop this podcast right now. Before anyone starts noticing.

Dan:                                            Let’s just like, not let people know.

Sarah:                                        Do you feel like there are any specific questions that are reoccurring? So people always seem to ask the same stuff, because you do post a whole range of different things. But do you get a lot of the same questions or is it always a big mix?

Dan:                                            So recently I get a lot of questions about like struggling with hands, grip. I get that a lot. Like people will say they have really sweaty hands and-

Sarah:                                        Are you going to push that grip again?

Dan:                                            Yeah, well, it’s not that I’m going to push it, because I know I got sponsored by them.

Sarah:                                        Yeah, yeah! I bet you’re on commission

Dan:                                            To be fair with you, I don’t even use it anymore because it made my hands so dry that I don’t even need it anymore. My hands are so dry all the time. But Driclor is amazing! I actually bought it in Boots because someone randomly told me years ago to buy it, and it actually for people’s armpits. But I was like okay. I put it on my hands and feet at night and literally my hands have been so dry. It’s just amazing, it really helps dry them out.

Sarah:                                        You can get that from Boots?

Dan:                                            Like, yeah, I did buy it in Boots. It’s called Driclor. D-R-I-C-L-O-R. And it is great, and it works for me, but it doesn’t apparently work for anybody. I had someone try it and she messaged me and said, “Just to let you know I’ve tried it, but it’s still not working great for me. Just wanted you to know.” And I said, “Ah, it doesn’t work for everybody.” But I think, as well, you have to make sure you’re only putting on at night. Some people try and put it on before pole class, and I’m like, “No, no, no! You’re supposed to leave it on overnight. It’s supposed to stay on for a good 10 hours, you know? So I try and leave it on for like all the time while you’re asleep, at least, and then wash it off. And then in the morning, you’ll notice your hands start to feel a lot drier after a good few nights. It feels great!

So yeah, I get the questions about that a lot, so I feel like I have to repeat myself a lot on that one.

Sarah:                                        We’ll link that one down below so people know where to buy it, and that you recommend it.

Dan:                                            And then people just messaging about things like struggling to invert, been poling for a long time. Still struggling to invert. Struggling to get the air inverts, and that strength thing. And I tend to answer these one’s fairly seriously. Maybe with a bit of a joke, and again, they’ll be the ones that I message back saying, “Listen, this is what you need to do.” But I think with things like that, as well, it all comes down to A. How many times you’re poling a week, and what your fitness level is. And everyone is such different fitness levels, you know?

Sarah:                                        It’s not like a magic pill, or a magic piece of advice that they haven’t been told already that is suddenly going to make them do it. Sometimes it’s a technique thing that-

Dan:                                            You know, it’s funny. I got a girl who, just recently, started coming to pole. She’s great, she gets all the spins and stuff, but inverting, she just isn’t getting there. But she is like a fit girl. She’s in great shape and stuff. But it’s funny, because everyone sort of automatically assume that she’d find easy, but oddly enough, it doesn’t really matter.

Sarah:                                        Yeah, it’s not like a specific amount of time you should be poling to be able to invert. People, I think, put a lot of pressure on themselves to be like, “Oh, I’ve been poling a year, I should be going upside down by now.” As you say, it depends how many times a week, what they’ve done before. Unless you focus on yourself, but you’re always going to get this strained about stuff everyone else is doing because you’d be crying yourself to sleep every night, if that was the case.

Dan:                                            I think a lot of bigger girls, as well, tend to feel that because they’re bigger, they’re not going to be able to get themselves upside down, which is just totally not the case. Do you know what I mean? I don’t … I’d agree in the sense that it’s going to be harder, of course. I mean, when I’m heavier, it’s so much harder to get myself up, and I really notice the difference. But it’s not impossible. Do you know what I mean? I’ve got big girls who can get up on their own absolutely fine, you know? But I believe a lot of it comes down to technique with inverting.

And it’s trying to explain things like that, but the difficulty is trying to explain that via a small message that you’re allowed to send. Because I don’t want to send them a whole page because I’ll get quite a lot of messages and I want to reply to them as I can. It’s hard, and I always try to say to them, “Listen, this is a couple tips. But really, unless I meet you, it’s so hard to tell. Because it could just be something stupid. You could have your hands the wrong way around. You just don’t know.” Do you know what I mean?

That’s the only difficulty with this is. And I always try and put a disclaimer like, “This may not work for you because I haven’t met you and I don’t actually know what you’re doing wrong. But these are the most common things that people do wrong.” And find that kind of helps.

Sarah:                                        And teaching is your livelihood so if you give away, or spending your time giving free teaching advice online all the time, then you’re not actually earning a living. Like people think, “Oh, it’s just one message. It’s just me asking for a few tips.” But if you multiply that by how many people have access you on the internet, it takes up a huge amount of your day. And it’s not like … we don’t want to help everybody but you physically can’t text everybody back how to invert because it can’t work like that.

Dan:                                            Yeah, I don’t answer all of them. Like, I mean, if I feel like it’s … yeah, they’re almost asking too much that I can’t really answer via message, I message them and say, “Hey, probably best thing for you would to go to a class because there’s just nothing I can do by message to help you with that.” I don’t know really how people feel that when I message that, but it’s just me being honest because I don’t … I get messages all the time. You probably get all the time, things like, “Oh, I’m trying to get my phoenix.” But like phoenix is one of those moves, it can be so many different things! I can list probably about 20 different things that people do wrong with that move, which is why they struggle with it. To try and do it via message, not even a video. Not even watching them. It’s impossible. Absolutely impossible.

So generally, I like the questions to be more light hearted. I like the sex ones the most. They’re the funny ones.

Sarah:                                        Well we’ll request to the listeners of this podcast to send in sex questions.

Dan:                                            Yeah, I want them!

Sarah:                                        You’ve also been posting quite a lot of … I feel like I’m stalking you much on your page, but you’ve been posting a lot of selfies recently. You know, showing off the recent body gains, or body losses, as it were because you’re looking lean! And you’ve been working with a trainer for that and I know you get lots of questions about your diet and exercise, things like that. So what can you tell the people about that?

Dan:                                            I think, so basically over the last year, me and my now fiancé Mitch-

Sarah:                                        Woo!

Dan:                                            So we basically just got to the point we were like, “Right, okay. Enough is enough.” We were the type of couple that would eat. If you ever seen that meme where it’s like, “Monday-Friday, salad.” Then there’s like all these healthy foods, and there’s like Saturday and Sunday there’s two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s, pizza, five pieces. Like, we would literally go crazy on the weekends, and we’d be like, “Why are we not losing weight?” So we eat so good during the week, but it just wasn’t enough. And we were like enough is enough.

So we took like some pictures of ourselves and basically started a plan with a friend of mine called Kate Lindsal, who’s a pole dancer and she’s also a PT. But she was just great for me because she was just constantly on me and most plans that you would normally do, they’re normally be on to you, but not quite as much as Kate was, which was great for me because that’s exactly what I need. I need someone like, “Okay, what’s your weight today?” And I’m like, “Oh, shit she’s on to me!” Do you know what I mean?

So I felt like I was like constantly on it.

Sarah:                                        Policed a bit more than you would by yourself.

Dan:                                            Yeah, but I wasn’t a vegetarian last year, at the end of last year. And I actually believe that has had a real big impact as well because I actually cut out a lot of the crappy foods that I used to like to eat. So now if I’m eating pizza, which is so dull, like pizza for me is just ugh. I used to love it with like meatballs on it, chicken on it, stuff like this. And now I don’t eat meat anymore, it’s just a pizza. It’s like oh, okay. That’s like … yeah. That’s just like no good for me.

So I have like one cheat meal a week now. I follow the plan that Kate gave me. I go to the gym now. I like at least five times a week with Mitch. My whole lifestyle has just like changed and I think that’s when you … you have to get to a point where you just say, “Right, enough is enough and I need to just sort stuff out really.” And be like, “I need to make a change.” I’m so glad I made it because I feel so much better in myself, as well. I used to feel so lethargic all the time. My body feels better, I feel better myself, my energy levels are better. It was the best thing I ever did. And I’m going to now keep continuing that.

I will always fluctuate in weight though. I’ve always been a yo-yo dieter, but I now, when I have it fluctuate between a few pounds other than a few stones. Do you know what I mean?

Sarah:                                        Would you say, because I know it’s quite difficult to be like, and you probably get these questions like, “So, what are you eating? What’s your diet plan?” So from what I kind of get from what you’ve said is, make sure it’s personal to you. Try and be consistent, and try and get someone to keep you accountable. Those are the things that have made the difference this time.

Dan:                                            I mean, I’m not saying you have to have … I mean, Kate is great. But I’m not saying that you have to do it through someone. I needed it at the time because I didn’t know what I was doing. I’m great when it comes to fitness and stuff, and telling people what they should do in their class and stuff to help them get fit. When it comes to diet, I’m totally uneducated in that sense. And actually, that’s what I’d love to do in the future.

Just to learn a bit more about diet because I get a lot of my girls who say, “I’m loving pole, what should I be eating?” And I’m like, “Chocolate bars? I don’t know!” Do you know what I mean? I literally have no clue because, for me, my diet, I mean, to give you a rough idea, like I mean, I’ll have like a bagel and a half in the morning with like corn on it with eggs, and then I’ll have, I’ll get back from the gym and have a jacked potato, some corn with it, and protein shake. Then I’ll have my lunch, then I’ll have a meal before I teach, then I’ll have a meal when I get home. But for most girls, if they ate all of that, oh my god! Because obviously their calorie intake is so much different than it is for blokes.

So when they ask me, I’m like, “I could tell you, and I could give you my whole plan really, but it would be of no use to you.” You know?

Sarah:                                        Yeah. I think it’s been massively inspiring to see like the change in you, and you seem so much happier with yourself so it’s not just about you should lose weight because it will aesthetically look this way or that way. Just to have the benefit of feeling better about yourself and having more energy is a massive plus. And that’s what people should focus on. Not just standing there in their pants.

Dan:                                            Yeah!

Sarah:                                        Which is also a bonus, that’s fine.

Dan:                                            Yeah, well the pants are just the bonus I guess. But I think there’s just an expectation about in myself, not from anybody, because I’ve never really felt that pressure from anyone within the pole industry. But an expectation that elite level pole dancers or people touring doing workshops, should look a certain way. Because I felt that pressure I guess because my friends, you know, I’ve got like you, Bendy, Charlotte, and you guys are all in great shape. And for me, I was always the one that wasn’t really in the best of shape, and really, I should be.

But I think the reason that was was because I used to always rely on pole to keep me in shape. But when you become professional, and you do it every day, it doesn’t do the same as what it does for, say, for some of my girls that come twice a week. And I worked really hard, because when I’m training myself, I’ll be like watch a new Instagram video and whatever, and then I’ll go and do it. Then I’ll watch that back and in that time, I’m resting. So like it’s so up and down. I’ll do a butterfly nowadays and when I break a sweat is when I first started doing pole that for me was like an effort. Do you know what I mean? Doing a butterfly and making a combo out of that would make me sweat, so it was a great workout back then.

But when you become a professional and you do it every day, your body starts to get used to it so now, for me to lose weight or to get in shape, this is when I go to the gym. Because for me the gym is more of a shock to the body than pole is. Whereas for most people, the gym would be a bit like, “Oh, okay.” Whereas pole would be like, “Whoa, I’m using muscles I’ve never used before.” Whereas me, a bicep curl my bodies like, “Whoa! Why are you pulling the weight out here and not here?” Do you know what I mean? It’s just totally different with my body. So yeah, I think that’s probably had a big impact and stuff.

Sarah:                                        So would you say are there any … I know you go to the gym, obviously for your weight loss plan, or your kind of getting fit plan, but do you do any external exercises to help with your on the pole training? Do you find that the extra weights and things like that have helped your pole training? Or has it just been like pole specific for pole training, and then the weights and the cardio and things like that are more for your physical-

Dan:                                            I guess the weights and the cardio were just really aesthetics, I guess. I just … so basically I said that the only way I’m going to get into the best shape I could was by the time I’m 30. I turned 30 in May. So I’m like, right, that’s my goal. I just want to be in the best shape that I could possibly be in. Throughout my whole life, I’ve never been in the shape I’m in now and I just thought like that would be really good goal to be in the best shape you can by May. And be like, “Yeah, I’ve got in great shape by the time I was 30.” Kind of thing, and then I’ll just get fat. Just joking!

Sarah:                                        You have a wedding so you can’t!

Dan:                                            Got that coming up! But so that was like kind of the goal. So the gym was just to get into that shape, I guess. But I mean, there’s lots of different things that I do do in the gym that benefit me in terms of pole. Probably in ways that you don’t even realise. Things like the pull ups and that I have to do in the gym, it obviously strengthens the back which then helps you on the pole. But obviously the cardio and stuff is making me lighter, which is making me easier to lift. And it’s just also when I go to the gym, I’m encouraged a lot more to stretch, rather than be quite lazy at my studio to stretch properly.

The only thing that I would say for anyone who does go to the gym as well as pole, is to make sure that you are stretching. Because one thing I noticed, I haven’t back bent in ages because I injured my back, but I’m at the point now where I can really start again. I tried to stretch my back the other day and my shoulders are so much tighter and my back is so much tighter that, again, what do I expect? I’ve been going to the gym like every day for God knows how many months now.

Not been stretching properly. So that’s one thing I’m going to focus on this year, I think, is that making sure that I look after my body in that sense. But yeah, gym wise, not really. I wouldn’t say that there’s anything that helps me for pole. But there are things you can do at the gym to specifically help you for pole, as I’m sure you know. But yeah, you may know a little bit about it. Yeah. I don’t really do them because to fit all of that in as well I’d be at the gym all day.

Sarah:                                        I think stretching is a great tip to do. Like whenever you do anything to get in your gym session. If you’re doing a gym session or a work out at home, or anything. I always tend to use that then my time to stretch afterwards just to kind of make me… because your bodies nice and warm

Dan:                                            Exactly.

Sarah:                                        Yes, I find that’s the best time to do it too.

Dan:                                            Yeah.

Sarah:                                        So I would concur.

Dan:                                            I think like even though it’s not, with my shoulder workouts for example, even though they’re not specifically designed as a pole shoulder strengthening workout, I think they’re definitely helped in the sense of they’re just sort of like made sure that the strength is being built up in the whole shoulder. Because I work all parts of the shoulder. And I noticed my shoulder isn’t as injured as much like. Sometimes when I was training pole, I found my shoulder would be a bit achy. My right shoulder, I injured years and years ago, and I got it to a really good point. Every now and then it will niggle and I’m like, “Oh! Okay!” And I just back straight off of it because I’m so paranoid of like re-injuring it.

Sarah:                                        You don’t want to muck it up.

Dan:                                            Exactly. So I do find that things like that are super important. Yeah, no. It’s mainly just … it’s how it made my shoulders is probably in the gym if anything. And just telling your body that, I guess.

Sarah:                                        I’m going to do it too so I can stand in my pants and look like Daniel Rosen.

Dan:                                            Yeah.

Sarah:                                        Do you have any parting wisdom to give to the Susans that may be listening before I let you go?

Dan:                                            Not really, I think we’ve covered most of it. But like, I don’t know. If you have-

Sarah:                                        Make sure you follow Dan!

Dan:                                            Yeah, make sure you follow me bitches! Yeah, if you have any questions for me, please message me on Dear Dan. You [have to start your message with Dear Dan, I just will not reply to you. No I do, really. But yeah, just drop me a message on Instagram and ask me any questions that you have. But yeah, no, keep training and like most of the things that you are doing, most of the questions can just be answered with more training and more dedication really. Just keep yourself dedicated to the pole and everything will keep going the way you want it to go.

Sarah:                                        Everything will work out for the best!

Dan:                                            Yes! But message me on Instagram, my Instagram is @DanRosenPole or I’m on Facebook, Daniel Rosen Pole Artist. Yeah, just like find me and find my stupid videos that I post all the time because I have nothing better to do.

Sarah:                                        Well we love them. Thank you for coming on and sharing your knowledge with us. It’s been great talking to the Mother of Susans!

Dan:                                            It’s been great speaking to you!

Sarah:                                        Cheers, doll! Speak to you soon!

Dan:                                            Bye love!

Sarah:                                        Bye!

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