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Dan Rosen Interview | Online Trolling | Episode #014


For the 14th Episode of the OTP Podcast, Mr Dan Rosen joins us once more – this time on the topic of his recent experience with online trolling and facing backlash against his fictional Susan character.

Sarah:                 Welcome Daniel Rosen, back to the podcast

Dan:                 Hello

Sarah:                 We have returned you to the airwaves and the YouTubes.

Dan:                 You have.

Sarah:                 Thanks for coming back. We wanted to come on and talk about a specific topic today. I wanted to talk about online trolling, fake accounts, that kind of thing. Because you’ve had some recent experience with people giving you some messages about what you’ve been putting out onto the interwebs.

Dan:                 Yeah. This is a serious one today because I think our last one was a funny one, wasn’t it?

Sarah:                 It was more about Susan. This is kind of like the reaction to Susan.

Dan:                 This one’s quite a serious chat, which is weird for me, because I don’t normally do those, but I just feel that it’s needed. I just think things have just gotten a bit crazy. I’m just going to tell you, basically, I’ll just give everybody who’s watching this overview for those who don’t follow me, or for those who just want a rough overview. I own a character called Susan and another one called Danielle, who is a teacher and an instructor, both just a theoretical teacher and instructor. They do all the funny things that all the teachers and students do, and I just make jokes with these characters. It’s just a bit of harmless fun, no one is supposed to be offended by them, but of course, someone always is.

Yeah, basically a girl decided to come onto my Facebook page and try to start a boycott Dan Rosen campaign. She basically posted on all of my posts and was being quite mean. I just shared it publicly and people showed their support. Then someone else basically set up a fake profile to message me again, whether it be that girl again or not I don’t know, but basically sent me another fake profile message to tell me how they think what I’m doing is wrong and how they’re a former fan of mine now. Just saying all these mean things. To asking me to think about how this girl’s mental health could be affected and what this could have done to the girl who basically sent me these messages and stuff.

So that’s basically in a nutshell what has happened. I’ve been having to deal with that for the last couple of days. It’s really raised some awareness for me I think of what people actually go through in terms of online trolling because I’ve actually never really had it before. I mean I’ve had the odd stupid comment before but I’ve never actually been trolled before. I did turn it into a bit of a joke at first because I actually genuinely found the boycott Dan Rosen hashtag quite funny. I was just a bit like, what a brilliant hashtag. That’s hilarious, but it’s a shame she genuinely means it really. But I think when it eventually set in I was a little bit like, hm actually this kind of hurt me a little bit. It sent my anxiety right off, like any message … I literally had someone message me yesterday and it’s just a really long message. I didn’t really read the whole thing I just saw it and I got really anxious thinking oh my god it’s someone else messaging to have a go at me for these harmless posts.

So yeah, it’s been a bit of shit few days to be honest, but I’m feeling a bit better now. I feel really sorry for anybody who has to go through that really. Have you ever had it done to you before?

Sarah:                 I’ve had some weird stuff online. I recently had something, which I think I shared with you about someone who got, set up a fake profiles on my Instagram and was messaging constantly about how tall I was. Then when I didn’t reply they got very angry and even threatened to hurt themselves if I didn’t reply to them, which was really scary. So I’ve had something, not necessarily like … I think everyone goes through weird stuff on the internet. I think this draws up, not necessarily picking apart the ends and outs of the individual things, but it brings up a wider thing about people on the internet. We all have access to each other now and when these fake profiles come up it’s very difficult to understand the real context in which someone’s messaging you. Are they genuinely really hurt by it? Are they doing to hurt you? Do you know them? Are they just trying to get attention? You don’t know. I think it’s the whole fake profile thing which I think is a real bigger issue potentially because it’s the anonymity of the threat that we don’t know how to handle. I think that’s what can set off the anxiety. How do I respond to someone if I don’t know who I’m responding to?

Dan:                 Right, exactly. It could be anybody, it could be someone you know. It could literally be somebody who you work really close to. That’s really, I think, what set my anxiety off a little bit was just a bit like who are these people who are messaging me? Why have they felt the need to have to do it from behind a fake profile? Which for me, if I didn’t like someone, first of all if I didn’t really like someone I wouldn’t be following them, that’s the first thing. I don’t understand why people follow somebody who they don’t like. That just doesn’t make any sense to me.

I actually did reply to the girl with the fake profile and I actually replied and I said, I try to compare it to almost like a comedian. I’m not saying I’m a comedian by the way, definitely not.

Sarah:                 Well you’re doing comedic posts. It’s in an entertainment platform. You’re doing funny memes and clips and things like that. It’s not like reality TV when you genuinely believe you are Susan, it’s a character. It’s comedy.

Dan:                 Exactly. It’s a joke. It’s a comedy kind of post. At the end of the day there are so many comedians that I don’t like and I don’t follow them, I don’t watch their stuff because it doesn’t make me laugh. Or I may be offended by it, not that I really get offended by anything like that, but if I was offended by a comedian I would just unfollow them. I wouldn’t go to their shows. This is the thing, I just don’t see why people don’t just do that. That seems to be the normal human response. But there are people out there who feel the need to set up these fake profiles and start to message people to tell them, just want to let you know I don’t like what you do. It’s like, did you really need to do that? Could you have not just pressed the unfollow button like everybody else?

I don’t know. I’m not saying that my posts aren’t offensive actually. What I’m saying is that not everyone is going to like my posts, the same as not everyone might like your posts. Some people might watch your posts and think, oh Sarah Scott is such a raunchy little bitch, I’m not going to follow her anymore. Do you know what I mean?

Sarah:                 Of course, you’re not going to please everybody. It’s part of life.

Dan:                 It is. But you just press the unfollow button and voila, they’re gone. You don’t have to be in contact with them. They have no effect on your life and how you live it. It just makes me so sad. I know in the grander scale of things, this is so over dramatic to say this, but there are so many other important issues in this world that I just don’t have the time to sit at my phone, create a fake profile to message someone and tell them I don’t like them. I just cannot get my head around that. I just find it really odd.

Sarah:                 I mean I guess looking at it from different perspectives if someone was, you’re very well known in the Pole industry you might come across this quite intimidating if someone was like, oh well I don’t want my name to be shared. They can’t control your reaction to what they’re going to say so maybe they think if they have a fake profile then it’s going to protect their identity, but then they feel like they can really say what they want to say. At the same time, it’s free speech. There’s this funny thing obviously with politics at the moment, free speech, it’s like what counts as free speech and hate speech? It’s like should everybody be able to have free speech?

Dan:                 Of course they should. So it’s within their rights to be able to message people on the internet and say exactly how they feel. Just like it’s completely up to people on the internet, like us, to put whatever we want out into the internet. I think it’s good to think about how people will receive that and of course we don’t want to upset or offend anybody. But it’s where you take that upset and offence. It’s like you’re not putting yourself out there to actively upset and offend anyone. It’s not coming from a malicious place. It’s coming from a comedic place. So if people put your posts in context it’s like, yes all right if someone was actually saying this as look at this making fun of a student or making fun of someone for what they did then yeah that maybe come across as cruel. If you did that in class.

Sarah:                 But you’re over-exaggerating and making it so outlandish and so silly that it’s funny.

Dan:                 Yeah exactly.

Sarah:                 It’s all about context basically. So I understand people can get upset, but at the same time it’s like did you do it to really upset anybody? No.

Dan:                 This is it. I would understand if it was aimed particularly at someone … I mean this is the thing, the Susan thing is aimed at everybody. It’s aimed at people like me. I mean how many classes do you go to and someone mentions, oh my hands are slippy. The slippy Susan thing is funny because it’s so relatable. This is the thing, it’s not aimed at any particular slippy Susan. It’s aimed to all of us. We all get slippy in the summer. It’s just supposed to be a bit of fun. At the end of the day if you are watching a video of a six foot man in a blonde wig telling you to kick someone in the vagina and you’re going to take that for real, serious, that he genuinely wants you to go kick people in the vagina, there is an issue there.

There’s a problem on your end, not my end. If you think that I’m telling people to genuinely do that there’s a problem deeper than that. Do you know what I mean? I just feel like people just can sometimes be a bit over sensitive. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get what they mean in a sense that it could offend someone. If it did offend someone I would just assume that they unfollow me. Do you know what I mean? But the thing is that if you look back through a lot of the posts it’s quite obvious that it’s not meant to physically offend a certain person. It’s just a generalisation. It’s an over-exaggeration and a comedic style of highlighting issues that we deal with every day. It’s just trying to make people laugh. I’ll tell you what, I’ve had so many messages from studio artists saying, hey Dan just wanted to let you know that I love your Susan posts because it really just shines a funny light on the silly things that students do.

It’s so much easier just to say to someone, are you being a bit of a Susan today? Then it makes them think, oh god am I? Am I being like that? Then maybe they’ll be like, oh actually maybe I am being a little bit of a Susan today. Rather than saying listen you’re being a bit awkward today can we … Do you know what I mean? It just makes a funny light on it. I tend to find lots of teachers find it really funny, but a lot of students find them funny too because it just, for some of them, it just makes them think oh my god that is so me. That really is what the posts are about. It’s not supposed to offend anybody. The same as any of the posts are not meant to offend anybody, they’re just supposed to be for laughs. It just makes me sad to think that there are people out there that genuinely are upset by them.

Sarah:                 Yeah, when we were talking about this before you weren’t just like saying, oh god these people, can’t believe that they’re messaging me these horrible things. You were genuinely upset that people would’ve taken it in that way because you genuinely care that people aren’t going to get offended and that’s not why you’re doing it to upset people. So I think it’s coming from a place of comedic entertainment and you’re trying to make people laugh. So when you’re getting messages saying that people are upset and angry and hurt by it then that’s really affected you. I think it’s important for people to know that when they’re sending messages, that of course feedback awesome, constructive criticism awesome. If you want to send stuff that’s going to maybe improve or help or shed light on something that people are posting, that’s fine but, I think, sometimes, people can also forget that there’s a human behind the entertainment, and it’s like you’re not completely ironclad. You do have feelings, and if people are going to get quite personal with you, that’s also going to affect you as well, so they have to think about it from the other point.

Dan:                 You also have to kind of think before you send these messages, whether it be to a poster or just anybody who you’re gonna comment on their post, or even send them a message, you have to kind of think what is this actually gonna achieve and how is it gonna make that person feel, because the girl who messaged me to say, “Oh, I don’t like the way you treated that girl, and I think about how it could have affected her mental health,” and stuff, I just said to her, “What about my mental health, what her message did to me?” ’cause she goes, “Oh, I did make a joke of it.” It did still upset me. Of course it does. I’m not superhuman. I do have feelings, and when somebody tries to boycott your career online, it’s kind of a little bit hurtful.

When she messaged me with all this sort of stuff, and I was like, “Think about how your message is making me feel, and what exactly are you trying to achieve from the message.” This is the thing. Had the girl who originally tried to do the whole boycotting thing sent me a message online just saying, “Listen, I don’t really agree with what you’re doing, this is why it offends me, blah blah blah”, We might have had a decent conversation about it. But, she went about it the wrong way, and to be fair, she’s probably a bad example, because when I posted what she had posted, I had about four or five people say to me that they had her do exactly the same to them. So, I’m assuming that hers’ is a genuine troll page, but I know that some people do genuinely sometimes just say things that are quite hurtful and they aren’t a trolling page. They’re just being a bit nasty.

I just think sometimes you get keyboard warriors, aren’t they, that’s what they’re called, and people get behind a keyboard and they get a bit brave. I’ve never, ever had anyone say it to my face, ever, because no one would do that. I just- [inaudible 00:14:03]. “Dan, I just want to let you know, I don’t really like what you’re doing. I find your post offensive. Blah blah blah.” You just would walk past them [inaudible 00:14:13] what their doing. I am just going to ignore them. Do you know what I mean? I just think the Internet is probably the root of all evil in that kind of sense, and I think people can really go a little bit over the top, and I just think its really not necessary.

Sarah:                 The communication … humans should really connect with more than 150 people, it’s why we have so much anxiety, because we’re in too big of a tribe! We’ve got to many connections to too many people which, in one way, is amazing. We can all learn about each other. You know, we can be best friends with someone on the other side of the world. You know, there’s incredible benefits to having this much access to each other. But, I think at the same time, having faceless profiles or the access to faceless profiles, that’s where the problem comes. Because, if its two people interacting with each other like we are now, this is a much more realistic conversation because I can see your reaction to what I am saying and I can see how you’re talking about it.

Even a phone call is quite difficult to really get the gist of it. And then, if you take even the voice away and you just have text and then no face to put to the text, you’ve got like no enemy. You can’t put the context in what this person’s thinking or saying. And I am not saying that people can’t still send feedback in and express how they feel about what you’ve put out online.

Because I genuinely feel like if you put yourself out there online, you should expect some negativity. You’re not gonna please everybody, and free speech says they can say what they like to you, and I open myself up to that, as we all do. But, at the same time, it’s like if you’re gonna do it, just say who you are and stand up for what you believe in. If you wanna say a comment, then say the comment as you, because then it allows at least the person who you’re saying the negativity to, to have the own you know rebuttal back to you as you rather than just like a Bot or whatever online. Because it comes across as like a bit cowardly.

Dan:                 Yeah, this is it. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion, that’s what you remember. But, you know, I have opinions on a lot of things, but I don’t go and troll those people or troll those companies online with my opinions all the time. Do you know what I mean? I just think that that’s the thing that the internet has created. We all have opinions on things, and yes, we are entitled to free speech, it doesn’t mean that … I was always brought up that If you’ve got nothing nice to say, then don’t say anything at all

I just sort of think … If I ever genuinely, and I have done it before, I’m no angel here, cause trust me like special [inaudible 00:16:49] like you say, comments can be misinterpreted and sometimes I have upset people and I am like I am so mortified when that happens. Because my humour can be a bit dark sometimes. And its only suppose to come from a good place. So when people are genially upset, I am like, “Whoa, that was not suppose to happen. This was only suppose to make you laugh” kind of thing. Do you know what I mean?

Sarah:                 Yeah.

Dan:                 When, obviously, people become offended by stuff, I am actually like quite hurt by it. Because like that isn’t where this comes from. And here’s the thing you gotta remember is that it would make no sense for someone like me to make offensive jokes about students or teachers because that’s my bread and butter. That’s what I do for a living. Why would I want to upset those people? They are the people who pay my bills. Do you know what I mean?

So, I don’t want to upset those people, and here’s the thing, none of my students have ever said to me, “Oh, by the way, I am really offended by your post”, because they know me and I think that’s what I also forget sometimes, and this is what you were saying about the whole, sometimes we don’t know someone or we can’t actually see their face and their expressions as their writing something.

And because people who don’t know me and don’t my sense of humour would probably not understand how to take that kind of humour sometimes. Because they would probably be like, “Wow, that’s really offensive.” But actually, if they knew me, they would be like, “Oh my god. Dan, what is he like? He is just being Dan again.” Do you know what I mean? This is the thing, I am not saying that everything I do is A-okay.

I’m sure some of my posts have been close to the mark and I know some of them have. I’ve got a human filter, called Stacey [inaudible 00:18:26], who I send all of my posts to and check before. I do that because I don’t want to offend anyone. Do you see what I mean?

Sarah:                 Yeah.

Dan:                 I’ll make a joke, but I do not want to upset anyone, that’s why I send them to friends and I just get them to check, cause I’m like, “Listen. Do you think this is too offensive?” and there’s so many, trust me, that haven’t made it to the internet, or have made it to the internet and have been deleted in about an hour. ‘Cause I thought, “Okay. That’s a bit close to the mark, I’m gonna delete that.” Because I don’t want to upset anybody. But, it does come from a good place and I think that’s what I just want people to know, is that it is supposed to be a joke. And this is the thing, as a general thing, you know to upset someone to troll someone online is just not cool.

Because you don’t know that that person’s post has originated from. You don’t know why they’ve posted it, how they’re saying it, what is meant by it, and I just think some people are too quick to troll sometimes, and I really don’t like it.

Sarah:                 Yeah, I think that there’s also like layers to trolling in a very loose term. I mean, I think that sometimes people just bitch on your comment or on your post. Some people just have no input, they just want to say something stupid or horrible, that’s like one level of trolling. The other people you have that maybe they don’t realise how it might hurt. I’ve had people comment on my videos about what I’m wearing or whatever, just like, “That’s disgusting”, and tagging their friends to come and look. You’re like, “Oh, okay. Yeah, that’s nice. Yeah, thank you.” But then I think, maybe this other girl who messaged you, she might have even been even trying to come from a good place, thinking that she was sticking up for the other girl. But, its not knowing like the full story, she didn’t know that she had messaged you. Maybe she does know that girl maybe she doesn’t. We don’t know now.

Stevie:                 Maybe she is that girl.

Sarah:                 NMaybe she is that girl, exactly. So, from coming at it from … I like the fact that people feel that they can reach out and they can give their opinions and say, “Look, maybe you do want to have another prospective and maybe you should look at it from another way”, and they were very good points. But then, at the same time, it doesn’t come across well through text message and it doesn’t come across goo through a fake profile, because you’re never going to receive it as well as if you could actively interact with that person and understand their context.

So, I just think if people are going to give feed back then they need to try and put it in a place where the person receiving that feedback is going to receive it well and not get a defence up and not get upset and or hurt themselves like you did. Cause then your just not going to … then there’s just no conversation

Dan:                 Yeah, whats the point? It’s not achieving anything, this is it. Like you said, there’s a difference between trolling someone and giving feedback. I mean for me, to message someone to tell them that you don’t like how you have treated someone, or they don’t like what you have done, by therefore setting up a fake profile and messaging you to do that, is just totally defeating the object.

You’re trying to tell me that you don’t like how I have treated someone, yet you’re willing to sit and make a fake profile to message me to tell me that you don’t like the way I have done that. Actually, I would have had a lot more respect for whoever it was, whether it be that girl again or whether it be someone new, that they message me and said, “Listen, I kind of been with that girl in a way because of X, Y and Z. Maybe you should have a think.” And to be fair, the message … when that girl did the boycott thing, yes, I turned a negative into a positive and I made a joke about how I thought she’s being a bit over the top and she’s being really nasty,

But, actually, I am going to turn this into a positive. But I think … I just try to deal with it the best way that I could, but it did still really hurt my feelings and I obviously didn’t want to upset anybody. But, I just feel like some people can be a bit … when that girl messaged me to say, “Oh. I don’t like the way you treat her” and stuff, she actually didn’t read any of the comments to see that she’d done it to other people before.

So, again, it’s just that lack of information and I just think, I don’t know. I would have had a lot more respect for them had they just messaged me. Maybe they were trying to protect themselves by setting up a fake profile, so that, obviously, I didn’t share their conversation.

But the thing is, even if I did share their conversation, how would that make me look if someone actually messaged me with a decent message to say, “Hey, this is how I feel. I’m not gonna follow you anymore because of it”, and just gave really reasonable things, didn’t say anything nasty. If I was to share that, people would probably come for me and be like, “I don’t think you should have shared that because actually she’s been really nice to you.” Do you know what I mean?

And that’s the difference. So, she shouldn’t have been afraid of messaging me if it was a different person. And I wouldn’t have shared it had it been a private message, and had that original girl who … Even if she would have message me and said, “Just to let you know, I am going to boycott you. Blah blah blah. This is my reasons why.” I would never have shared a message. ‘Cause she private messaged me. She did it in private, but that girl didn’t do that. She decided to post on all of my posts. She literally went through so much, I couldn’t believe it. She’d really sat there and gone through it all, and she posted on every post. I just thought, “Wow, this girl’s really going out of her way to be nasty”, and that’s the difference.

And I just think yeah everyone is entitled to their opinions and I don’t want to hear it. But, I just think there’s ways of going about it. But, I mean, not when just talking about me, I just mean that generally. ‘Cause I see … Not so much for me cause I’ve only got a few followers in terms of what some people have, but I see some of the comments on some other peoples Instagram’s who I follow, and it’s just horrendous.

Sarah:                 Yeah, I think there’s definitely a line of people think like, the more famous someone is the less likely they are going to be affected by it. It almost seems less personal to be commenting on someone if they’ve got hundreds of thousands of followers.

Dan:                 Yeah

Sarah:                 Your comments may get a bit more lost in whatever. There’s definitely people that they just go through and delete all the negative comments. There’s some people that leave them up. I think there’s a bit of a culture nowadays of everyone’s allowed to say whatever they want to anybody, because there’s no repercussions. But the repercussions are that there’s still a person behind the screen, and you might be really upsetting someone or affecting how they’re feeling, and setting anxiety off, and all sorts. So I just think if everyone was just a little bit like … Whatever you posted on someone else’s page, if someone copied and pasted that and put it back on your page, how would you feel?

And even if it’s like really small things. Yeah, even stupid little things. Someone saying my shoes are horrible. It’s like, if you got all dressed up for a night, going out with your mates and someone’s just like, “Disgusting.” At the bottom of your picture…

Dan:                 People still have feelings at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter whether they know you or not. Some people are really good at laughing it off. To be honest, I am one of those people

Sarah:                 I will still wear disgusting shoes till the day I die. How dare you.

Dan:                 To be fair, for every, for obviously these two people who, or if it is two people, or if it’s the same person. But this person-

Sarah:                 We don’t know.

Dan:                 We will never know. But for those two people or one person that doesn’t like it, there’s a 1000 people who do. I think that’s also what you have to remember is that for the people don’t like what you’re doing, the main bunch of people who are following you do like what you do because that’s why they follow you. But there’s always someone who wants to be a negative Nancy, isn’t there? Someone who always wants to rain on your parade, I think a lot of it have to do with maybe some sort of insecurity within themselves. It does say a lot more about them than it does about the person who they’re trolling obviously.

But you know it’s just all down to interpretation when it comes to the Internet. Sometimes, like you say, with a text you just don’t know what post means and you can take it the wrong way. Maybe that’s what happened.

Sarah:                 Is there anything that you do differently looking back on it like with hindsight, has it caused more trouble than it’s worth, reacting like that or are you pleased that you stood your ground and were like, “No, I’m going to treat it like a joke”, and kind of turn it about back on that?

Dan:                 I’m totally pleased that I turn it around because when someone goes out of their way to try to ruin your career, not that they obviously would have happened in that sense anyway because obviously it’s a very few people who maybe think that way. But someone’s really going to go that fully out to try and upset you, you’ve got to just laugh it off sometimes I think. I’m a really strong believer that you just can’t let people like that get to you.

But I think I dealt with it in the right way. I’ve obviously like, I totally embraced the boycott Dan Rosen thing because actually it’s kind of funny anyway because obviously it could almost be like the Susan uprising, and I thought that was quite funny because obviously the Susan’s could be coming to get me or whatever kind of thing. I just thought that’s just funny anyway. But it has made me maybe a bit more mindful because I do think like, and to honest, I’ve always been mindful anyway. This is the thing. So, I’ve always been quite mindful but maybe it’s made me extra mindful now?

I think when I originally started all of these posts, originally I started with doing ones about instructors. Now it’s obviously more ones on students. So, for someone whose only just following me now, they might be like, “Oh wow, he’s really anti-student.” But actually if you look back far enough, there was instructor ones as well. So, it’s just from those things again, if you don’t look into it enough to double check, you might look at it and think, wow, he’s really anti-students. But I’m happy the way I dealt with it. At the end of the day, there are going to be people out there who don’t like what you’re doing, and that’s okay. I just kind of have to be okay with that.

But it still doesn’t necessarily mean that everything’s fine. You’re still going to be upset by nasty comments and stuff, but for obviously the few nasty comments I’ve had, I’ve had so much support and so many nice people message me and say, “Dan, I don’t let it offend you, like blah blah blah. I love the character. I think it’s funny. And I see the funny side of it.” But not everyone’s going to like what you do. I think the more, obviously, followers that you have, I guess, the more people you’re going to have like that anyway. But yeah, is this whhat it’s like to be famous?

Sarah:                 I think it is, Dan. I wouldn’t know.

Dan:                 The fame is going to my head.

Sarah:                 I think it’s good though. But, and some people might be like, it’s happened once and we’re jumping on a podcast about it. But at the same time, it’s like, it does affect you. It’s better to try and talk about it now while it’s fresh and it is quite small so that people understand the repercussions of it now before it’s like a free for all.

Dan:                 Yeah.

Sarah:                 There’s been a lot in the pole industry recently about people kind of naming and shaming and outing people and people getting very passionate and upset about their feelings. I think it’s all like, we all just kind of have to take a step back sometimes and realise we don’t all have to get on. It is good to share feedback but in the right way and in the right context. There is someone on the other end of the screen that’s affected by what you’re putting out there as well.

So yeah, you can’t just put out, even within humour, there’s still boundaries. You do have boundaries and you do try and check as much as possible that you’re not stepping over any boundaries when you do that. You’re not just putting stuff out willy nilly. So, I think yeah, if everyone just tries to keep in mind that everyone’s human and stuff does get taken out of context, that we’d all get on a bit better. Like you’d say we don’t all have to be in each other’s pockets all the time and telling each other exactly how we feel all the time.

Dan:                 Right, exactly. You don’t have to do that. I think people just need to be more mindful of what they comment and stuff. I always try to be really positive on my Instagram and comment really lovely stuff on people’s photos and stuff, because even though I’ve got my dark side and my humour and stuff, I’m actually a genuine person who really loves teaching people. I like to make sure that comes across really well as well. For those obviously who’ve been taught by me, they obviously would know that, but for somebody maybe that hasn’t been taught by me, they might not know that. I just think we all just need to be nicer on the Internet.

Sarah:                 That’s everyone’s homework then. You’ve got to pick three people that are completely random. You’ll go say something nice on something they’ve posted. Can be anything, but it has to be at least three people. Just do it all the time. It makes you feel better, makes them feel better. It could make someone’s day.

Dan:                 I literally yesterday I posted a post and I put it on my Instagram story, said, “Hey guys, go on and put little comment. For everyone who comments, I’m going to go onto your profile and comment something nice.” That’s what I was just doing in the bath. So I was sat in the bath,I was just like, I’m going to go through all their profiles and I’m going to give them some love back because I just feel like these people have taken their time out to comment on my post and tell me how much they like my photo or my video, I’m going to do the same for them. Do you know what I mean? Because I do enjoy that side of it. But yeah, you just got to, and for the people who obviously are out there who maybe experienced something similar to me, I think obviously the best way to deal with it is to try and not just laugh it off, take it on board like I have, and just be like, “Okay, this person doesn’t like what I do,” but don’t let it affect you and how it makes you feel. Let it sink in and for a second it will make you feel a little bit of shit. That’s okay.

But you just got to remember that this in the internet. This isn’t necessarily real life. I mean, some of these people aren’t even live people who do pol. This is the even funnier thing, like so this person whose messaging me might not even be doing poll. I don’t even know. You just never know.

Sarah:                 Yeah

Dan: You’ve just got to be like, take it with a pinch of salt. Is that the saying?

Sarah:                 I was trying to remember a little saying of that blowing out someone else’s light won’t make yours burn brighter, or something. I don’t know. I always muck up quotes like that.

Dan:                 So many people have been sending these quotes to me and stuff. But yeah lets all just be nice to each other a bit more.

Sarah:                 Just a little bit nice. Hashtag poll love.

Dan:                What are we going to say to people when they’re mean to us, Sarah?

Sarah:                 We’re going to say, boycott bye, bye boycott?

Dan:                 Boycott bye? We’re going to say, boy bye!

Sarah:                 Boy Bye! Crop hoodies now available from Dan Rosen

Dan:                 Oh, my boobs are out!

Sarah:                 Yeah I’m ruining the logo. It’s all done up now. Letting it all hang out. It’s quite hot in here, gah. My new unit is roasty toasty.

Stevie:                All this hate talk is making me hot.

Sarah:                 Well, hopefully we got your story across. It’s made some people think maybe … Maybe it’s opened up a discussion. I’d love to hear what people think about it. As they say, there’s definitely two sides to everything. I think we’ve both agreed that feedback is great. Constructive criticism is great. Opinions are great.

Dan:                 Giving love is great.

Sarah:                Negativity that’s not needed, thinking about other people’s feelings. If that was the whole summary, in summary, be nice on the internet.

Dan:                 That would make that podcast so much quicker…

Sarah:                 Be nice and take a joke?

Dan:                 Share love

Sarah:                 It’s not real life, it’s Susan World.It’s all good

Dan: Susan, she’s not real.

Sarah:                 No. What?

Dan:                 No, she’s not. Danielle’s not real either.

Sarah:                 My whole life is a lie.

Dan:                 Thank you so much for having me on.

Sarah:                 No problemo. We’ll do it again sometime when something else happens.

Dan:                 Yeah. I’ll wait for some more drama to happen then I’ll give you a call

Sarah:                 Sweet. We welcome it. Thanks Dan.

Dan:                 Cheers. Bye!

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