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Handstand February: ‘How to Survive’ part 2 – Fear


Overcoming the fear of Handstands

The Human race has survived by being cautious, so it’s no wonder that many of us suffer from a fear of handstands. But we’ve also thrived when taking calculated risks.

Visions of falling on your head, breaking something or yourself, or simply the fear that yet again you won’t find your balance after months of trying will hold you back – but you can overcome these.

Here are some tips for you to follow so you can develop your skills!

Handstand 201

1) Strength = Confidence

When you know your body is strong enough to support you, you have much more confidence in the flow of the movement.

This needs to be built upon slowly (and by using the correct techniques) so no need to worry if you feel stuck – most of all, you shouldn’t skip stages.

The drills below will effectively enhance your strength, and increment your confidence accordingly. Give them a go.

2) Technique

When the technique is on point then the likelihood of success increases!

More success = Less fear. Period.

Gravity is a cruel mistress and will continue to pull us down if we don’t get our balance up to speed. A poor technique will often lead to frustration and in the worst case scenario even injury can occur.

3) Control

The feeling of being out of control is a big fear factor. Learning to find the balance point when your body is stacked correctly can actually feel ‘scary’ the first time you feel it, as it almost feels like you’re floating. As you become more accustomed to this feeling – you’ll begin to seek it out, relax and even enjoy handstands! (who’d of thought…!)

4) Emergency Exits (otherwise known as dismounts)

Know them well and you’ll know that whatever handstand shenanigans you find yourself in, you’ve got a way out. Cartwheels (thanks Samantha Star) and forward rolls should be your go-tos (I’ll leave bridges to all you bendy backs people!).

Join us next week for part 3, and keep practicing with our daily Instagram videos.


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