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8 Inspiring Pole Dancers



Hey there lovelies,

As part of this year’s Golden Pole Awards, voting is underway for the ‘Most Inspiring’ category in our community group. This prompted me to write a blog on what makes these polers special, so we can all follow suit; no better way of doing that than by reaching out to some of the people who nominated them – and so I did.

Without further ado here are the testimonials for this wonderful lot (in alphabetical order):

2018 ‘Most Inspiring’ Golden Pole Award Nominees


Annie Norris

off the pole otp golden pole awards annie norris

“Annie has helped me in so many ways. She helped me win my first competition.
She gave me my first ever drag performance in one of her studio’s showcases which I am eternally grateful for as it’s something I aspire to do!

After I performed my winning routine at a smaller showcase of hers, my dad said he was proud of me and reared up… and that’s the first time I can ever remember him saying that.

She’s also so inspiring to me in the way she does so well in the pole community and manages to stay so friendly and humble and sets an awesome example of how to be professional. She’s one of the most talented and kind-hearted people I’ve ever met! And I hope to be as great as her one day” – Daniel Lee

“I went to her first ever pole class and I’m still going now over 10 years later. I love her energy and enthusiasm for pole it truly does flow through her.

She pushes herself to reach higher goals and passes this on to her students, never judgemental always encouraging. She fills all the girls – young and old with a zest for life, a hunger to learn more and step outside the box.

On top of that she gently pulls you into a more confident you, a happier you, a taller you. She really is an all round beautiful and very talented person.” – Dawn Farnworth


Jack Scott-Lee

off the pole otp golden pole awards jack scott lee

“Jack is most inspiring to me because he has come such a long way. This time a couple of years ago Jack was involved in an accident in which he broke his neck.

It was thought he would never walk again after surgery to have a metal plate fixed into his neck, but he was back to pole in about 6 weeks or so. He has never let his injury get in the way of his teaching or performing.

To be lying in a hospital bed to be back to it in such a short time is fab… don’t u think? Jack is 1 in a million and an amazing friend…”  – Beccy Rostron

“Where to start with Jack…

Enthusiastic – always pushes you (in a good way) to reach moves you thought you couldn’t do.

Motivational – alway on the go, and loves the student to take part in his charity shows. Which helps builds coverage and strength in so many ways.

Understanding – if you can’t get a certain move, even after lots of tries, alway has time to she why. And help you get the wight position or even if you just need to stretch it out in between lessons.

Pushy – in a really good way. When you think you can’t do a move or show, and Jack says “yes you can” or “I know you”. Goes through the move, and yes you get it! So that’s very rewarding afterwards, when you get a difficult move, which you thought you couldn’t.

Mutual-tasking – some lessons there’s mixed ability. But he also has time for the beginners and advanced in one class without you feeling down, even if it’s your very first class.” – Sue Till


Jade Marissa Flash

golden pole otp off the pole jade marissa flash

“I voted for Jade as she’s super talented, and an amazing performer. She’s creative as a teacher, her classes are fun, she’s very patient and also humble. All of this inspires me to continue training hard” – Pui Pang

“I met Jade at a pole studio in 2014, and after lots of classes with her, we inevitably became friends.

She has a unique and very uncompromised way of teaching. She has this incredible ability to explain things so clearly that you always get your most optimum results in a class with her.

She always teaches fun, extremely varied classes and knows how to push you to your limits. What inspires me about Jade is watching her perform and seeing all the achievements she has made over the last few years. How strong and fit she looks encourages me and many others to lead an active lifestyle, she lives for her passion and it shows in everything she does, she is strong, flexible and has a beautiful energy.

Her experience with contortion, yoga, dance and performing astounds me it always seems as though there’s nothing she can’t do. Jade is such a lovely person inside and out and that why I’ve nominated her as most inspirational…” – Samantha Hinton 


Kat Loveday & Sarah Fenney

off the pole otp golden pole awards sarah fenney kat loveday

“To me, inspiring someone means not only showing people how you achieved your goals, but also caring enough to help people achieve theirs along the way. I can’t think of two more motivational and caring people than Kat and Sarah.
Not only have they inspired me and so many people to learn the art of pole through Polefire, but they’ve only gone and opened a gym (!!) with the same welcoming feel and heart that they’ve had since day one. Not a single gym or pole class goes by that I’m not only amazed by how knowledgeable they both are, but also just looking around at how they’ve managed to put so many incredible things under one roof. It took so much heart and effort and you can tell as soon as you walk through the door” – Ash Middleton 

“What can I say about Sarah & Kat? They just blow me away with their enthusiasm, commitment and sheer hard work.

When they were setting up Siren Asylum, they worked so hard; absolutely crazy hours. They still managed to deliver awesome classes whilst getting the new venue ready to move into.

Everyone who comes to Polefire/Siren Asylum is made to feel so welcome. Kat & Sarah really foster an inclusive environment for all the women who attend.

Sarah is an absolute ball of energy who really gets the most out of us in classes and gets a crazy glint in her eyes when thinking of badass combos she can teach us.

Kat just has a knack of tailoring her explanations and breakdown of moves to individual students, so that everyone in the class understands.

Between the two of them, they have assembled an amazing team of instructors, all with different styles, skills and things to bring to pole, aerial, strength and flexibility training.” – Claire Riley


Laura Johnston

off the pole otp golden pole award winner most inspiring

“I nominated Laura Johnston for most inspiring for this year’s Golden Pole Awards.

Laura is the reason I started Pole dancing, She introduced me to Annie Norris at Pure-Studios in Hereford, where she dances. Every time Laura touches a pole she gives it 100%, she pushes herself above and beyond, Laura has a life debilitating condition called Cystic Fibrosis.

This means not only is she pushing herself on the pole but also pushing her body way beyond what someone with CF would normally be capable of.

Laura stuck two fingers up at CF a long time ago and never lets it stop her. She drives over an hour to Pure-Studios twice a week and from the second she walks through the doors she is working her ass off.

Annie never treats Laura any different and has helped her push herself safely to become the incredible pole dancer she is. Laura never lets me give up on a move she encourages and supports me and everyone she works with every step of the way.

My nomination for Laura is because she inspires not only me but everyone at Pure-Studios to never let anything hold you back, not just at pole but in life. My vote is for the amazing dancer, supporter and friend that Laura is, not because of her condition.

Regardless if Laura wins this vote or not, she is a winner in my eyes and her Pure-Studios families eyes.

I am honoured to be her friend and she deserves this award.” – Michelle Snooke

“Ahhh Laura really is the most inspiring person I have ever come across in my whole life. I met her through pole classes. Laura has cystic fibrosis. I never expect anyone to get special treatment for having a disability and it’s clear that Laura doesn’t either.

She gives everything a go and despite being seriously seriously poorly at times she is so strong on the pole. She does as much as she can and throws her energy at it. She trains harder than a lot of the other students do!!!

She’s got this horrible illness, which really gets the better of her sometimes, but yet she is an amazing pole dancer, beautiful to watch dance, a wonderful mummy and wife, and is always putting herself forward to perform at showcases etc.

Honestly hun, I don’t know how anyone could ever compare to her. She’s just incredible. I wish everyone could see a little of what she goes through and how she still fights and smiles.

You’d never know she was so ill. She really makes you appreciate life and what the human body can achieve when you are positive and make the most of every moment.” – Terri Pugh


Leah Rose

off the pole otp golden pole award nominee

“I’d love to tell you about how Leah inspires and motivates me!

I have private lessons with Leah during the day times as I’m unable to get childcare for the evenings and she’s always great at working out lesson dates. I had no body confidence when I first started.. I wouldn’t even take my hoodie off in my first lesson with her.

This has changed massively as three weeks ago I posted my first Sunday bumday pic.. and I let Leah take the photo lol. I struggle with dizziness and being upside down but Leah always tries to find ways for me to be able to accomplish a move if I find it tricky the standard way.

I’m also allergic to the nickel in the pole and she always checks how my skin is before, during and after my lesson and she never puts pressure on me to do anything that will hurt me. But she does encourage me to work hard and to believe in myself. I never did a handstand in all of my life until Leah found a way for me to be able to do it.

Leah’s dancing is flawless; her teaching skills are the best; she has a heart of gold and my lessons are nothing but fun despite all the things going against me enjoying it. She has brought together an army of amazing women and I’m proud to be a very small part of it.” – Rebecca Fouracre 


“With not much confidence, being dyslexic and dyspraxic having been with my previous pole teacher for the last 2 years the way leah teaches me she totally gets me.

Leah has helped me build my confidence, explains techniques in a language I understand and can follow. Leah constantly praises me and if i don’t understand leah will break it down. I never contemplated buying pole shoes, however leah’s teaching has made me realise that I can actually do this.

From the moment I walked into her class I could be me and not feel stupid. Leah is making me believe in myself with her praise her kindness, teaching ability and her believing that I can achieve.” – Lisa Rendell


Lesley Jackson

off th pole otp golden pole awards nominee lesley

“Well I’m part of the pole society committee at Northumbria and we changed over to Lesley’s studio in October time. Best decision we have made. She has made us all feel so welcome, giving us her time to show us how to spot, taking the time to come to our fairs to help us publicitise.

Was so invested in our university that she went above and beyond helping our competition (think she was more excited than us ). Her personality is a wild one ahaha she is very genuine and always good craic! She will push you to train to the best you can, through making us practice on both sides, constant nagging about my none pointed toes! All the way to technique.

All in all she is a great individual personlity wise and has willingly given me as an individual and our socciety as a whole a lot of her time and resources when she wan’t obligated to. She lent our society one of her pole so we could have enough to practice our group routine! She means so much to our society and has been very welcoming” – Aaron Marlow

“Where to start! I started at Ley’s studio around a year and a half ago and I can honestly say it’s my home away from home.

Not just because Ley is an amazing teacher, but she’s also become someone who I couldn’t imagine having in my life.

She’s created a studio family, and she’s the glue that binds us together, she’s always inspiring us, whether it’s coaching us into a new move, putting on special classes with some of the best in the pole industry, or arranging pole instructor meets.

We’ve done various charity events which she’s organised, and she also teaches youth pole which I think is absolutely amazing and should be a reason in itself for her to be nominated, she puts everything into that studio and all her pupils adore her for it.

She’s there for us when we’re having bad times and we love her dearly. She’s created true pole sisters and brothers.” – Clare Gale

It fills my heart with joy to hear/read about these amazing people! Jump on the bandwagon and cast your vote before the March 19th deadline.






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