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Stevie Hilton vs Sarah Scott | Pole Trivia | Episode #013


Hello you gorgeous creatures and welcome back to the Off The Pole Podcast, I’m Sarah Scott and today for the 13th Episode I have Mr Stevie Hilton joining me for something a little different.

Stevie has been doing pole for almost 10 years, competing in a range of competitions from the Pleonastic Championship, Pole Theatre and Miss Pole Dance Double where he’s placed in doubles and solo categories. He currently trains at Pole Fit in London.

He took on the challenge of this Pole Trivia themed podcast where many of the questions were sent in by you lovely lot!

Scroll down to see how he got on…

Sarah:                 Welcome, Stevie, to my podcast. Thank you for doing this. We were going to do this on Tuesday, but then we realised it would have to be on Tuesday morning. And because potentially this has alcohol involved, it’s no good. So we decided upon a Sunday.

Stevie:                 Yeah that wouldn’t of set us up very well…

Sarah:                 No. I mean I don’t have a real job, but what do you do for life?

Stevie:                 At the moment I work in a bar.

Sarah:                 So you would have been fine too, we should have just done this on a Tuesday.

Stevie:                 Should have just done it, done it on a Tuesday.

Sarah:                 This podcast is gonna be a little bit different because we decided that we would do a pole trivia game. Where I’m gonna ask Stevie a variety of questions. A little bit about you, because we want to get to know … who is Stevie. And then alongside that I’m gonna ask him pole trivia questions and then if he gets them wrong he has to drink and then if he gets them right I have to drink.

Stevie:                 I wanna get Sarah drunk.

Sarah:                 We’ve decided upon an alcoholic beverage, which is Apple Sourz. You did originally say Sambuca but I’m just not hard-core enough for that and I still have to operate machinery.

Stevie:                 I have to do stuff after.

Sarah:                 What do you have to do after this podcast Stevie?

Stevie:                 I have to go on a date.

Sarah:                 So Stevie has a date after this podcast. It’s quite early on a Sunday. It’s six o’clock. So you’re gonna go on date, so we’re gonna see how drunk we can get him before that. Good stuff.

Stevie:                 Putting out on the first date.

Sarah:                 So yeah Apple Sourz is it. I don’t have a shot glass or anything, and I also have green tea because you know, health and balance.

Stevie:                 Water, shot glass.

Sarah:                 Yeah, I’ll just swig it or something that will be fine. So, that’s the game. I dunno why we decided to do this but we did. But it might be fun. I think we’re all gonna hopefully learn something along the way. I did put out on the inter webs for people to submit some questions and there have been … people know some random stuff about the pole industry. So we’ll see how much you know too.

Stevie:                 I don’t know how well that’s gonna go.

Sarah:                 Well, we’ll start you off with a nice easy question of what are your pole class accessories? So if you were going to pole class what’s gonna be in your pole bag?

Stevie:                 Fairy liquid.

Sarah:                 Right?

Stevie:                 Yeah, I know.

Sarah:                 Why? Why fairy liquid?

Stevie:                 Because I find it’s the only thing that really cleans my hands properly, and I think it smells really nice.

Sarah:                 Okay, right okay. Fairy liquid, we’ve got that.

Stevie:                 Fairy liquid I feel is very good for getting anything off especially if you use too much grip then it’s good to start again and it dries them out for me.

Sarah:                 Okay, yeah.

Stevie:                 And chalk, I’m always a chalk girl.

Sarah:                 A chalk girl, okay.

Stevie:                 Yeah, and none of this “Oh I need dry hands”. Chalk.

Sarah:                 Chalk. They’re your two things. Fairy liquid and chalk.

Stevie:                 Yeah.

Sarah:                 Nothing else, Okay. Cool. So the trivia question to go alongside that will be: ‘What does Lauren Red use on her thighs to make sure they grip to the pole?’

Stevie:                 I should go with Dew Point.

Sarah:                 She submitted this herself.

Stevie:                 Did she?

Sarah:                 She did and that is the wrong answer.

Stevie:                 Oh no.

Sarah:                 She actually gave me two answers, no it’s not iTac. I should almost make you drink twice for that. Drink your Apple Sourz. The real answer was actually Windolene.

Stevie:                 I was never gonna get that.

Sarah:                 And she said If you did get that then the other answer would be the blood of men that had displeased her.

Stevie:                 Is that from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When he’s like if you’ve got any spots, like he just puts Windolene on it.

Sarah:                 I don’t know. Fairy liquid and Windolene, are extra things. So yeah, ching ching! Good job.

Stevie:                 Cheers.

Sarah:                 I’m gonna have some green tea because hopefully it will make you feel bad.

Stevie:                 I forget how good that is.

Sarah:                 You’re not meant to be enjoying this.

Stevie:                 Apple Sourz is the shot … so in the drinking world Apple Sourz is the shot for people that don’t wanna get drunk really quickly. Because it’s not very like-

Sarah:                 What’s your percentage? I went for a cheap one, not even the branded kind.

Stevie:                 It’s 15%.

Sarah:                 Mines 15% also. How much was your bottle?

Stevie:                 £10.

Sarah:                 Mine was £4.50, Go Tesco’s Cactus Jack Schnapps.

Stevie:                 Well see I thought I would by the proper brand because I felt under pressure to be under the podcast. I want people to know that I buy nice extravagant Apple Sourz.

Sarah:                 So now I’m just a cheapskate. I’m hoping I can keep it sealed and then I could-

Stevie:                 That you could return it.

Sarah:                 Maybe, yes. That would be ultimate!


Alright, second question: ‘What is your favourite warm up exercise?’

Stevie:                 Okay, so, I’m not great with warming up. I’m one of those really …

Sarah:                 Are you a Susan?

Stevie:                 Yeah, I’m a Susan. But for me it would either be, I always warm up my wrists or I always warm up my shoulders. So it would be like this, or like pulses. That is my go to.

Sarah:                 Your go to, shoulders and wrists, okay. So your trivia question to go alongside this is: ‘Name the Russian pole dancer who was known for her 35 minute warmups’

Stevie:                 I don’t-

Sarah:                 I thought you might know this one! I was worried about this. Dominique put this one in for me, so.

Stevie:                 The only one that’s… I don’t even know if she’s Russian, is going to be Olga.

Sarah:                 Dammit!

Stevie:                 Oh, yes! I’m so excited.

Sarah:                 Oh it smells really bad. Thanks, Dominique. Dammit, we should’ve picked a more random one. Alright. It’s delicious. Okay. Third question. Have you ever been injured during pole?

Stevie:                 Yes.

Sarah:                 What was it? Information. Expand on that.

Stevie:                 Well, for me because predominately the majority of stuff I do, not currently, but, is doubles pole. I injured my rotator cuff when I was doubles training and we were doing training the eye and necks stand, where people stand eye and necks, and my shoulder wasn’t in the right position, and as Andrea my partner stood on it, it just-

Sarah:                 Tweaked it.

Stevie:                 Yeah, and it messed up my rotator cuff.

Sarah:                 What’s the moral of this story? Don’t do twisted grips, Stevie. That’s the moral of the story.

Stevie:                 The moral of the story is, don’t do doubles pole. [crosstalk 00:07:08]

Sarah:                 Blame Andrea. Poor Andrea.

Stevie:                 It’s Andrea’s fault

Sarah:                 No, it is not. No. She’s tiny.

Stevie:                 Don’t do twisted grips.

Sarah:                 Yeah, no twisted grips. Yes, exactly. Not that I’m saying you wouldn’t necessarily have been injured, but you know, it’s not good to keep doing that for your rotator cuff.

Stevie:                 But I still did it. And we still came in second, so.

Sarah:                 #justsaying

Stevie:                 I can’t remember if it’s the one that we won or the one that we came second in. Or maybe-

Sarah:                 There’s just been so many? So many, so many wins. Trivia question to go along with that one: ‘Which legendary pole dancer became US pole champion in 2010, performing only minutes after dislocating her knee?’ I know, thanks Sarah Blackmilk for this one.

Stevie:                 That’s crazy.

Sarah:                 She is a wealth of pole trivia. She sent me a whole list.

Stevie:                 Okay. Can you read the question again?

Speaker 1:          US pole champion. 2010. She dislocated her knee just before she went on. But she won it.

Stevie:                 Do we know what competition it was?

Sarah:                 US pole champion. That’s what I’m saying.

Stevie:                 Okay. Well, I’m gonna go with Felix.

Sarah:                 No. She’s not from the US.

Stevie:                 Oh yeah, I forgot.

Sarah:                 She’s Australian. No, you can’t! First question, you have to get the first answer as the only one, drink. Drink your Sourz and be done with it. You like it anyway.

Stevie:                 Well yeah, but I also like winning.

Sarah:                 So if you were to guess again even though you have to drink, who else would you guess? An American, lets say. 2010.

Stevie:                 This is an old school, yeah.

Sarah:                 Who was around in 2010? I thought you might get this one too.

Stevie:                 Jenyne, or Pantera?

Sarah:                 No, no. Alethea.

Stevie:                 Was it Alegra? Oh, Alethea.

Sarah:                 Yes. I knew that she won in 2010 but I didn’t know that she dislocated her knee.

Stevie:                 I didn’t know she dislocated her knee either.

Sarah:                 No apparently one of the practise runs. She’s amazing, fair play to her. Good job, get it down.

Stevie:                 I feel like I need to know more about the pole industry. I might re-watch this after and make notes.

Sarah:                 Yeah, I say we should do this as a series and do it as a Facebook Live, and then people can send their questions in. I didn’t know some of the answers to these either, so I need to also learn. Alright.

Stevie:                 It’s a learning session

Sarah:                 Yeah. The next question I’m about concerned about. Do you have any other activities or hobbies that are podcast friendly to share?

Stevie:                 I actually, well, recently I’ve been going to the London School of Handstands. And, where it’s a guy, I can’t remember what his name is, but yeah he’s trained in circus acts and just ridiculous at handstands. And that’s in North London. I’ve been going to that for a few months now because I wanted to learn how to properly handstand and do that side of things. And it’s actually really helped my shoulder as well to get better at hand standing. It helps with pole.

Sarah:                 That’s good. That was actually a very serious answer.

Stevie:                 One of my other hobbies is handstand training, and bouldering I love.

Sarah:                 And bouldering, just sneak that one in. Okay good, I like how pole dancers will still pick something that’s related that’s going to benefit pole, even though it’s not actually pole.

Stevie:                 And also it helps hand in hand, because pole gives us a foundation of strength, in some respects, on one side.

Sarah:                 No, both sides Stevie because we do everything equally on both sides.

Stevie:                 On both sides.

Sarah:                 Pole can still make you quite unbalanced so doing other things that are similar to pole but not necessarily the same is still very beneficial. Exactly. And who doesn’t love a hand stand. It’s good for, you know, travel pictures and stuff.

Stevie:                 Yeah, it’s still impressive.

Sarah:                 I love a handstand. And trivia: ‘What non-pole discipline did Daria Che do as a child?’

Stevie:                 See, I don’t really know much about Daria. I’m going to go with gymnastics?

Sarah:                 Rhythmic gymnastics, but I’ll give you that one.

Stevie:                 Do you know what, I thought in my head it was going to be rhythmic gymnastics, because she’s so bendy but actively ridiculous. We’re on par!

Sarah:                 I know; this is not good I was not expecting this. I wasn’t counting score or anything, but yeah you’re doing well. Alright, which studio would you love to take a train-cation to and why?

Stevie:                 Mine would be Body and Pole in New York, mainly because of all the hype around it and the people that have trained there and instructed there. Just to go to the studio and be like “I am here”. Maybe not even pole, but just walk around in awe.

Sarah:                 Just walk around in awe, yeah it does look pretty insane.

Stevie:                 And try to smell the talent and take some of it. Absorb.

Sarah:                 Absorb through smell, okay.

Stevie:                 Absorb the smell of talent.

Sarah:                 That works, that works too. Well your trivia question to go along with that one, because I did potentially look this up before: ‘How far is it from Milton Keynes to New York in miles?’

Stevie:                 No way!

Speaker 1:          What if you were a dedicated pole dancer, you probably would’ve looked this stuff up? Especially if you wanted to go on a train-cation there.

Stevie:                 Well, if I was a dedicated pole dancer I wouldn’t … I don’t know, I don’t know where I was going with that one.

Sarah:                 Take a guess, take a guess.

Stevie:                 I’m so bad at things like this.

Sarah:                 Milton Keynes is where you’re based, by the way. Just in case people are like ‘Why Milton Keynes?’ But it says on your Facebook you’re based in Milton Keynes so that’s where I’m getting it from.

Stevie:                 Oh, well I actually live in London.

Sarah:                 Well you’re lying, you’re lying to the people.

Stevie:                 My whole life is a lie. I’m gonna go with…it will be in thousands…. 3,725.

Sarah:                 What was your answer? 3,000?

Stevie:                 725?

Sarah:                 You’re not actually that far off, but you’re wrong so you have to drink.

Stevie:                 I thought that should’ve been…

Sarah:                 I could’ve set parameters for you, but you’re winning, or were on a par, so there’s no way in hell. But 3,422. Which is pretty good, I think!  If we’d said like within 100 you still would have lost so whatever.

Stevie:                 If you said within one mile I still wouldn’t have got it, so there you go.

Sarah:                 I’m not planning on letting you win this. Ching ching. Drink it.

Stevie:                 Cheers.

Sarah:                 Drink it like a day later. You’re going to be more confident I think.

Stevie:                 Do I really need more confidence? Is that one thing that Stevie Hilton needs?

Sarah:                 No, you’re not really the shy or retiring type that needs to come out of his shell on dates.

Stevie:                 No, never.

Sarah:                 Okay, next question. What do you love and loathe about competing?

Stevie:                 So what I love, it sounds really sappy, but actually spending time with my best friends, like Andrea. Just thinking of a concept, spending time with someone you love, getting it together, training it, and then it becoming-

Sarah:                 A reality.

Stevie:                 Yeah. And also sharing a stage with Andrea I love as well. And so that’s the stuff for me.

Sarah:                 That’s the positive?

Stevie:                 Yeah, that’s the positives. The loathing, it just takes so long. And when you kind of get somewhere, and then a certain combo doesn’t always work, and you have to backtrack, and you feel like you’re not really making steps in the right direction. Especially when you have a full time job. And when training isn’t your life. The time that you start to train is so important, and when you can’t get it one week it’s like oh my God we’ve only got such and such training, x amounts of training sessions until the next time.

Sarah:                 Yeah, it put’s added pressure

Stevie:                 Yeah, and that’s the thing that is quite stressful. That’s the thing that I loathe, but the positives completely outweigh the negatives.

Sarah:                 And people standing on you and damaging your rotator cuff.

Stevie:                 That’s a loathe, yeah.

Sarah:                 Yeah that’s not good either.

Stevie:                 It was one time.

Sarah:                 Okay. You guys have done really well, you’ve got loads of successes in your doubles. Have you got any competitions coming up?

Stevie:                 I always say this, but I really want to try a solo one, but I feel out of my depth in the solo world.

Sarah:                 You wouldn’t be out of your depth. It’s you know, I’ve done a bit of doubles as well and definitely it’s so much fun to have someone on stage with you but you’d still really, really enjoy it doing it yourself as well, but I guess it’s just putting yourself out there.

Stevie:                 Well I’ve competed on my own once, and I’ve competed with Andrea I think maybe eleven times?

Sarah:                 But you won that time that you did it by yourself, didn’t you?

Stevie:                 Yes. I did, it was pole-nastics. But this was like, six years ago. The pole industry has changed, a lot

Sarah:                 I know. Says me who hasn’t competed since 2015. I’m with you there sunshine!

Stevie:                 We’ll flip it. I’ll do sexy, and you can do..I don’t know what my style is. You can do me.

Sarah:                 I can do you.

Stevie:                 That came out wrong.

Sarah:                 I’ll do Stevie. Well, your trivia question, and you’re probably going to get this right, but I thought I’d chuck it in just to see what happened: ‘Can you remember what you wore for your 2010 Mr. Pole Dance video entry video?’

Stevie:                 I wore a pair of I think sparkly shorts?

Sarah:                 I’m looking for the whole outfit.

Stevie:                 A pair of Donna Gant’s boots Lauren Red, painted my face, with like squiggly coloured face paint.

Sarah:                 You’re still missing something so I’m gonna say that’s a fail.

Stevie:                 And gloves.

Sarah:                 No, dammit! I think we should both drink for that. Drink, because you didn’t say it quick enough. If I hadn’t said it then you would’ve not said gloves. Gloves, sparkly shorts, and boxing boots. And they were Donna’s boxing boots.

Stevie:                 Donna Gant’s boxing boots because..cheers..(drinks)  I think I stayed at Donna’s house for either a week or two weeks, I think a week. And we put that whole routine together and I literally lived in her house for the whole week. I think I stayed in her daughter’s bed. And we put the whole routine together. This is so long ago.

Sarah:                 Three questions left. Three questions. If you could make up one new rule for pole competitions what would it be?

Stevie:                 Initially in my mind it was for people to stop doubting themselves all the time.

Sarah:                 That’s a sweet rule.

Stevie:                 I know but we can’t really enforce it very well.

Sarah:                 No not really.

Stevie:                 I don’t know like what a new one..pole competition.

Sarah:                 I did spring this one on you, this one is quite hard. I didn’t tell you what any of the questions were going to be beforehand obviously.

Stevie:                 I don’t know what new rule, because my pet hates in pole they already have rules around them, like lip singing along, oh actually I think there should be a limit to how many times people do air grabs.

Sarah:                 I love an air grab. It’s like only contemporary dance thing I know.

Stevie:                 But, a limited amount.

Sarah:                 What’s the limit? Like three? Three air grabs? Two? Or just one good one. One big air grab.

Stevie:                 Yeah. Well I think-

Sarah:                 What if you did two hands at the same time? Double power grab? Have you spoken to Sam King about his whole range of power grabs? You have single power grab, double power grab, rainbow power grab, a whole spectrum.

Stevie:                 No but that definitely sounds like something…

Sarah:                 He needs to do a workshop on it, he’s a true master. If you see Sam King, just tell him to…

Stevie:                 I go to his classes every week.

Sarah:                 And he hasn’t shared that with you? Someone’s withholding, that’s all I’m gonna say.

Stevie:                 He’s such a closed book as well.

Sarah:                 I know, bless him. He needs some confidence, we should give him some alcohol.

Stevie:                 We should. So, going off. We run a gay man’s class in London as a part of PFL (Pole Fit London) and I went drinking ‘water’ with one of the gay men that attended our classes, and he was telling us what he thought about us as instructors, of like me, and James, and Sam. And for me, he said that my classes were really fun but he thought they were a bit ‘basic’

Sarah:                 Rude.

Stevie:                 I know. James’ classes were slightly unachievable, and Sam had no personality.

Sarah:                 You can’t be saying this on the podcast! What a rude man! Well clearly he didn’t spend enough time with Sam, because Sam a bunch of personality. Glorious creature.

Stevie:                 So now we just say that Sam doesn’t have any personality.

Sarah:                 He is the shrinking violet that we all know him to be.

Stevie:                 I know. He’s just a wallflower.

Sarah:                 It’s the opposite of Sam’s personality. Bless him. Clearly he has no idea what he’s talking about, so thank you for the constructive criticism, random gay man.

Stevie:                 My basic lessons.

Sarah:                 Yeah, you are basic. So that does make sense.

Stevie:                 Thanks.

Sarah:                 Welcome. Alright, trivia question to go alongside this question was: ‘Which Aussie goddess forfeited placing at pole theatre Sydney 2014 in classique, for not removing clothing during her performance?’ Because that’s one of the rules in pole theatre classique. You have to remove an item, she knew the rule, she decided not to remove it because she wanted to do the performance as it was. Please don’t say you know this. It’s Aussie, so that’s more in your ballpark, because you were guessing Aussie people before.

Stevie:                 I don’t know if I’m getting this confused with- I know I’m going to get this wrong actually. What year was it?

Sarah:                 2014.

Stevie:                 I’m gonna get this wrong. I’m gonna go with Michelle Shimmy.

Sarah:                 Wrong. Give me another one. Drink, but give me another one just to guess.

Stevie:                 Maybe Felicity?

Sarah:                 No. She’d always remove clothing. She’d never forfeit that.

Stevie:                 I was thinking of Maddie, but then I was getting confused with I think there was one time she forgot to remove a backwarmer…

Sarah:                 You do know they run pole theatre. Maddie and Michelle, they wouldn’t enter pole theatre. I know that you probably associated pole theatre with Shimmy, but Shimmy owns pole theatre.

Stevie:                 I’ve had four shots now. Trying to get these questions is not going well. Cheers.

Sarah:                 Cheers. The answer to that was Fontaine. She’d done a bad ass routine, and decided to keep it as is instead of removing her clothing.

Stevie:                 When you’re Fontaine you can really do what you want.

Sarah:                 She can. And with a body like that I’d probably not be wearing clothes as I walked in anyway.

Stevie:                 That would be true.

Sarah:                 That would be my choice. Alright, next question. Seeing as your about to go on a date, would you date someone in the pole industry? You don’t have to name people, doesn’t have to be thinking of someone, but would you like someone who you’re dating to be in the pole industry as well? Or would you want them to have another life outside of it.

Stevie:                 Well I was thinking about this earlier, and there are certain people in the pole industry that are single, mainly for the fact of I feel that pole takes up so much of your life, and people don’t understand it or also agree with how little clothing you have to wear or what impairment it gives you as well being able to pole dance. And especially for women. I think I’m quite competitive, even though I’m getting every question wrong on this trivia.

Sarah:                 That might have been planned.

Stevie:                 I don’t know if I’d like to date someone in the pole industry, but I would certainly prefer to date someone who is addicted to some sort of sport.

Sarah:                 Who has a passion they are really into?

Stevie:                 Yeah. And not like hunting. But something which I could kind of understand. Yoga, or hoop, or something similar. Even like the aerial arts, but probably not pole because I’d get annoyed if they are better than me.

Sarah:                 Yeah. I can see that. I think a lot of people in the pole industry as well, if they are single, they are really strong and independent. They have their own thing that they are getting on with like they don’t necessarily have that reliance on needing to find someone else, but if you do have someone that you start to date and they can understand your passion in pole, then that’s definitely…it is quite extreme, it really does take over your life and we call them pole widows. They have to either get dragged around to pole events around the country or accept that they’re going to be off doing pole things

Stevie:                 I think at first people find it endearing when they see that you’re really passionate about something. But then when you kind of open up the world to them, they’re like oh actually this is not gonna change it’s always gonna be like this.

Sarah:                 Oh you’re really into this? I see.

Stevie:                 Yeah, here I am. It might drive them away slightly.

Sarah:                 Well we’ll see, keep us up to date with the date that you’re going on next. Let them know that you’ve just been doing a podcast for your pole passion.

Stevie:                 I’m going to be crawling into this restaurant wherever we’re going.

Sarah:                 ‘I’ve been drinking Apple Sourz’ It’s alright, aren’t you pleased that we went for this rather than Sambuca?

Stevie:                 That’s true actually.

Sarah:                 Which you recommended!

Stevie:                 I was just showing off again. Like yeah, I can do ten Sambuca’s.

Sarah:                 ‘My go to shot drink is Sambuca’.. I was like I am not drinking Sambuca.

Stevie:                 To be fair, it is. But that’s when I go to a bar every-

Sarah:                 If you sat in your kitchen or whatever it’s quite awkward drinking Sambuca by yourself.

Stevie:                 Yeah when sat in my kitchen and by six o’clock doing a podcast with Sarah Scott, maybe Sambuca is not my go to shot.

Sarah:                 Maybe it should be. Maybe that’s what I bring out in people, I don’t know.

Stevie:                 Next time. Write in the comments if you want this to happen.

Sarah:                 We’re gonna do this Facebook live next time, 100%. Alright, trivia question. You may or may not know this I don’t know. Who is Alex Shchukin’s wife? What’s her name?

Stevie:                 I want to say Anna.

Sarah:                 No. Her name is Katia, or @eleven_kate on Instagram. You fail. Drink. That one I thought you would know. They’re like a proper pair, they do everything together.

Stevie:                 I was thinking Slava’s-

Sarah:                 Doubles partner?

Stevie:                 Yeah, that made me think of Anna. That was the only name I could think of.

Sarah:                 Alex/Slava. Pretty much the same.

Stevie:                 Yeah they do the same stuff.

Sarah:                 Cheers. I’m gonna drink some gree tea. What is that one now? I’ve had, what three? You’ve had, five?

Stevie:                 Twenty five?

Sarah:                 Pretty much, yeah. Alright, we’ll move on. This is the last question. I do have some bonus questions but we’ve put them down for a while so we’ll save those for next time.

Stevie:                 I feel like we could do bonus questions. We can just edit it.

Sarah:                 We’ll see. Some of them may not be podcast suitable. You have a date to go to, you were like ‘ I’ve gotta be done by a certain time I have a date’ and now I’m the one being like you’ve got a date and you’re like no lets keep going.

Stevie:                 Well my date’s at half seven.

Sarah:                 How long does it take to prepare for a date?

Stevie:                 I’m already. I prepared beforehand.

Sarah:                 See, men are so easy. I would have to do a whole thing if I’m just leaving the house, let alone going on a date, which I haven’t been on in a long time, so I wouldn’t even know what to do. Anyway. Do you get any negative reactions from people when you say you pole dance? So like today, if you’re going to tell someone fresh, do you get negative stuff to come back you?

Stevie:                 I feel like, I used to not really post much, especially on my Instagram about it, because when I first started talking to guys, because I’m quite a feminine…this may come as a shock, a feminine gay man-

Sarah:                 What?

Stevie:                 I feel like you immediately get judged and put into a box of being really feminine gay pole dancer. And it kind of turns people away, but you don’t really ever get the time to explain how passionate you are about it. Or, the other side that we were just talking about that goes along with pole dancing, it’s not just that I do it for fitness, it’s my life. I do it to mentally keep me healthy. I’ve met some of my best friends that I would never change the world for it. For me, I’ve got so much love and connection to it. At first I feel like you get judged immediately for it, but now as it’s becoming more streamlined as well, people have a completely different opinion of it. But over the last maybe six years, because it’s become a lot more in the public eye, especially with Bendy Kate on Got to Dance people understand it as more.

Sarah:                 They might have seen it. Like oh, I’ve seen it, it looks really challenging. Rather than just like oh, you just prance around a pole or whatever.

Stevie:                 Yeah, exactly. I feel like people used to judge me but now I post a lot more on my Instagram about me poling and I connect that with some of the dating apps I use, and they can see that immediately and actually they don’t like it from the get go.

Sarah:                 Yeah, and this is out in open so you’re gonna know that if they’re gonna have a problem with it then they’re not for you.

Stevie:                 Exactly.

Sarah:                 They can speak to us about it.

Stevie:                 I’ll send them to Sarah Scott!

Sarah:                 Exactly. And very large forearms. Trivia question: ‘Which dancer featured in the Nero Guilty video in 2012 featuring the iconic spiked face mask?’ So music video. Nero. Guilty. Face mask.

Stevie:                 Oh my god. I know this. But I can’t think of her name.

Sarah:                 You’re gonna have to hurry there. I should really set a-

Stevie:                 No! No don’t hurry me because she does, she’s like a stunt double.

Sarah:                 Five. Four. Three. Two.

Stevie:                 No.

Sarah:                 One.

Stevie:                 I can’t think of her name.

Sarah:                 You can’t sit on a podcast and think. People are listening to this, they don’t necessarily see your beautiful face. We have to set a time limit, we didn’t actually discuss this beforehand but there are rules to this game.

Stevie:                 That’s not the rules.

Sarah:                 Drink. When you’re drinking you can think about it.

Stevie:                 So that’s really annoying because I can’t remember her name. But she’s a stunt double now, and she also competed, I think maybe when you won in PD the year before.

Sarah:                 That was a long time ago. Lucy Cork.

Stevie:                 That’s the one!

Sarah:                 I thought you’d know that?

Stevie:                 I did, but I couldn’t remember her name.

Sarah:                 It’s a glorious video anyway. If you haven’t seen it people, you need to go look it up, because she’s epic.

Stevie:                 Why am I so crap at this?

Sarah:                 And she’s an awesome stunt woman now, she travels the world being ridiculously amazing.

Stevie:                 And that’s one thing I love about polers. Having so many awesome people into your life and seeing what they get up to, and how pole has helped them make leaps and bounds in their career, in their journey.

Sarah:                 You’re getting deep now. You get deep when you drink.

Stevie:                 This is like half cut…

Sarah:                 Gotta love it.

Stevie:                 There is something genuinely I love about it.

Sarah:                 Our community is insane. I would say to people when they’re putting themselves down about stuff, I’m like you do realise if someone walked in off the street, you’re trying to hang sideways off an object, with a foot or whatever. You’re a ninja. You’re absolutely insane.

Stevie:                 That’s one thing that people when you tell them that you pole dance, and they always go can you like hold on the pole and hang out completely? Yes.

Sarah:                 Just nod and say yes…in twisted grip (whispers) You can’t be like yes I can, but Sarah would judge me for it so no.

Stevie:                 Yes I can but in a grip that no one wants me to do.

Sarah:                 I know, we do love that twisted grip. Not, we don’t. It’s not good for you. Right, I’m not going to let you drink anymore because we’ve done 40 minutes, which is a long podcast anyway, and you’ve had quite a few shots. So I won’t get you drunk before your date, but maybe we can save the bonus questions for… maybe we should do a part two, after dark.

Stevie:                 After the water shed.

Sarah:                 After the water shed, yes. I did get quite a few saucy ones. You seem to bring that out in people, which is nice. Maybe not podcast friendly for the first one. We’ll ease people into it with this one, and see how they take it. But it was nice, you had some serious questions in there as well, you answered very truthfully, we got some knowledge bombs, it was nice.

Stevie:                 My heart is here, right on my sleeve (points to wrist)

Sarah:                 I thought you were gonna tell us something about that tattoo.

Stevie:                 No. So, this tattoo I was meant to get, it has my sisters initials, but initially it was meant to have my best friends initials at the time. But he never turned up, and now I no longer speak to him. So I’m so glad that I have my sisters initials and not my best friend at the time.

Sarah:                 Yeah, don’t get meaningful tattoos people, it’s not worth it.

Stevie:                 Don’t do it. And also don’t get tattoos when you’re drunk.

Sarah:                 Both of my tattoos have been when I’m bored, waiting for Adam to get his tattoo.

Stevie:                 What tattoo do you have?

Sarah:                 I have one behind my ear, and then one on my back. Both is because I was in Thailand waiting for him to get tattoos, and I was like ‘just do something’

Stevie:                 I have four. I have one on my side, one on my ribs, and a second one on my side, which is a tribute to my friend who passed away from leukaemia when I was 18.

Sarah:                 That’s a nice meaningful tattoo, that’s a decent one.

Stevie:                 Yeah that’s a good one. And I have one on the back of my neck which I dreamt and then I drew it and got it done and then it actually turned out to be the Star of David and I didn’t realise, so I actually have the Star of David on the back of my neck. And I have people go up to me when I’m on a night out and they’re like “Shalom!” and I’m like “no-shalom”. I’m not Jewish. And I also have one that I got when I was drunk that I got on my bum. Me and one of my best friends called Hannah, we decided to get our nicknames tattooed on each other. So she has on her bum a little monkey and a love heart, because I’m a cheeky monkey. And I have the word ‘sloth’ and a little love heart tattooed on my bum, because I call her sloth because she’s really slow whenever she does anything.

Sarah:                 Okay, well there you go. That was like a bonus round.

Stevie:                 Yeah there you go, you never know what you’re going to get get.

Sarah:                 Well we’ll finish on a drink, because we have to. Last one. One for the road before we send you off for your thing. And I’ll cheers you this time before drinking it before you.

Stevie:                 Okay, rude.

Sarah:                 I highly recommend this Cactus Jack Schnapps.

Stevie:                 I love that you’ve got hardly any actually drunk.

Sarah:                 No the bottle’s really fat. I’ve sipping quite minimalistic. Cheers. Thanks for being on the podcast Stevie, love you, enjoy your day.



Hope you had fun too! If you’d like to see more pole trivia themed podcasts then of course let me know. x



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