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The 7 Deadly Pole Sins: 7 common mistakes made by polers (and how to avoid them) Part 1


From beginners through to experts, everyone has made a pole mistake (…or a million). We’ve compiled a list of the 7 most common mistakes and how to avoid them, so you can progress quicker than ever and avoid winding up on a @polelols compilation!

Lust – Okay, lust isn’t a sin in the pole world!

Mistake: Not respecting the culture of Pole

What to know:

This should be an important part of being a pole dancer. As pole continues to develop and grow into the many styles we know and love, understanding where the art came from is an important part of history.

– Respect the people that battled the stigmas (and still battle them) to bring pole to the place it is today is important.

– All forms and styles of pole are valid and shouldn’t criticise other styles.

– Without the early club days and stripper culture, none of the styles of pole would be where they are today.

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Gluttony – How much should you train pole?

Gluttony Mistake: Overtraining and not listening to your body

What to know: You’re excited to smash those pole goals – and that’s great! But it’s equally important to listen to your body and rest when you need it.

– In our experience, injuries are more likely to occur when you’re fatigued.

– In the pole world, this is usually when you’re trying to squeeze one more combo out of your training session to get the perfect video.

– It’s more important to rest and be able to train again tomorrow uninjured, than try to train through fatigue and injure yourself!

– Everyone is different, so listen to the signals your body is sending you.

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Greed – When should I train what moves in pole?

Greedy Mistake: Trying overcomplicated moves too soon

What to know: You’ve saved that cool move on Instagram from your favourite poler, you’re ready to try it, but you just can’t nail it. Don’t sweat it, that’s perfectly normal! The truth is, you might be missing some foundational basics that make that move easier for you.

– Do your conditioning. We know your teacher is always going on about it, and for good reason! Conditioning will make everything so much smoother and easier when it comes time to attempt that trick.

– Don’t neglect simple flow and pirouettes. These foundational movements are often overlooked in favour of harder tricks, but they will make your flow and combos look so much smoother in the long run.

– Know your limits, but push them too! Believe in yourself, and ask for a spotter if you need it.

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