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The 7 Deadly Pole Sins: 7 common mistakes made by polers (and how to avoid them) Part 2


From not warming up, to forgetting to use a mat, we’re all a little guilty of pole sins.

To save you the time (and pain!) of discovering these mistakes for yourself, we’ve compiled a list to help you ace your pole progress.

Sloth – Why do I need to train both sides in pole?

Slothful Mistake: Not warming up, cooling down, training both sides, or stretching

What to know: Train. Both. Sides. We mean it!

– Training both sides helps prevent imbalances (and therefore pain and injury), and will make it easier to put combos together if you can transition side to side.

– Warm-ups increase flexibility and range of motion, and prepare your muscles for the stress of pole.

– Cooling down and stretching after training can help reduce muscle soreness.

If you’re someone that needs extra motivation our Lounge Jumpsuit will have you feeling inspired and ready to stretch. You’ll also love our Essential Jumpsuit for all things aerial, and Luxe Sets are perfect for yoga and getting your stretch on.

Wrath – Am I plateauing?

Wrathful Mistake: Being too hard on yourself

What to know: Sometimes you’ll have a training session that just sucks. We’re here to tell you that it’s OKAY! You aren’t alone.

– Progress often comes in bursts. You probably won’t nail something every training session, that’s completely normal.

– Consistency wins. If you’re showing up and putting the effort in, the results will eventually come.

– Be patient and kind to yourself. Pole dance takes a long time to learn.

We recommend putting on your favourite song and one of your pole sets like this Peach, Purple, or Dusty Pink, that’ll have you feeling yourself! Then hit your favourite flow and pole tricks to remind yourself of why you love pole so much.

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Envy – How long does it take to be good at pole?

Envying Mistake: Comparing yourself to others

What to know: Everyone. Is. Different.

– If you must compare, only compare yourself to yourself! We recommend videoing everything, so you can look back on a reminder of how far you’ve progressed and be proud.

– Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Pole takes time, and everyone usually only showcases their highlights – you don’t get to see the journey and the many many attempts that it usually takes to nail a trick.

If you need a confidence boost, why not invest in a pole set that has you feeling like your fiercest self? We love Red, Black Marble, Snake Print, or Royal Blue to help summon your inner confident pole-diva!

Pride – Do I need a pole crash mat?

Prideful Mistake: Not asking for a spotter or a crash mat

What to know: If you follow pole fail compilations religiously, you’ll know the importance of investing in a crash mat!

– If in doubt, always ask for a spot. It’s better to have a spot and not need it, than not have a spot and injure yourself. Pole and aerial is fun but it can be dangerous at times.

– Mats save you. You’ll be able to get right back up and train again with a mat, but falling without a mat hurts, trust us!

– Know your limits. It’s important to push them, but don’t attempt anything new or risky on your own, and especially without a mat to catch you.

You know what isn’t a sin? Showing your love of pole with pride! Our Signature and Embossed ranges feature our Pole Ambigram – read the word pole the right way up and upside down, so you can show off your love of the aerial arts to the world!

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You can read Part 1 of this blog post here.

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